Who Said That? (1948-55)

Walter Kiernan

Walter Kiernan

Celebrity panelists are asked to identify who said a quote from the news. Robert Trout was the first TV host. The host for this episode is newsman Walter Kiernan.  The panelists  on the episode are newsman H.V.Kaltenborn, Dagmar, music critic Deems Taylor and journalist Frank Coniff. Everytime they give a wrong amount they have to put ten dollars in the gold bowl. The amount goes to Easter Seals. Dagmar is a bright spot but the show itself is rather dull.

March 30,1953 episode: H.V.Kaltenborn gets it right away. It’s a quote from General Marshall Montgomery. Dagmar gets the next one from Fred Allen right away. Deems Taylor gets the next one. It’s from Adlai Stevenson. Kaltenborn suggests limiting campaign time….Pure Oil commercial.

Dagmar gets the next one from Lady Astor. She gets the next one from Frank Sinatra. Dagmar says she’s going to the Senate to try and get them to pass a bill to stretch out show people’s tax bills. Frank Coniff gets the next one from Senator John Lehman of Wisconsin.

The next one has them stumped. It was from Carl Sandburg. They’re stumped again. It was from Wayne Hood, Chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Committee. Dagmar gets the next one from Secretary of Agriculture. Ezra Benson. The round continues and the panel is stumped again. It’s from Dagmar. Even she didn’t remember.

Round three. Kaltenborn gets the quote from Senator Thomas Green of Rhode Island. Kaltenborn gets it again. This was from Winston Churchill. Dagmar gets the next one from Rosalind Russell. Frank Coniff gets the next one from H.B.Herbert. The next one is not a current quote. It’s about bad music. They’re stumped. It was from Oscar Wilde.

That’s it for this week.


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