The Savage Girl (1932)

the savage girl 1932

Some movies are so ridiculous they’re fun. This is a prime example. Somewhere in the jungle lives a Tarzanette. A group looking to stock animals for a private zoo will cross her path.

Explorer Jim Franklin (Walter Byron) lectures a group on his travels in Africa. He tells the group there are no tigers in Africa. This is some explorer. The very wealthy and very drunk Amos P.Stitch (Harry Myers) says his Westchester,New York home needs a zoo. He hires Franklin to get him some animals.

Before they go Stitch buys an automatic rifle and a mouse. He asked Jim if it’s true that elephants are afraid of mice. Jim tells him there aren’t any mice in Africa. Stitch wants to try an experiment when they get there. At the dock a cab driver says he always wanted to go to Africa. Stitch hires him and the cab.

In a cafe,Stitch meets Oscar (Floyd Shackelford). He thinks that’s a strange name for a native. Oscar tells him he’s from Harlem and asks him if he’ll take him back. Stitch agrees and Oscar joins the group. Jim hires Eric Vernuth aka/Alec Bernouth to be his assistant. Alec tells him there’s a story about a White Goddess that lives in the part of the jungle where they’re headed. The animals are her friends. She was left as a baby in the jungle and grew up there.

They manage to trap some animals including a lion. She (Rochelle Hudson) sneaks into the camp and frees them. The next day Jim sets up a mirror on a bush to attract her. It works and she falls into a trap. They take her back to camp. Alec can’t handle it. He has few drinks and lust gets the better of him. Her screams bring Jim who lets loose with a right cross. He orders Alec out of the camp. He says he’ll be back with a surprise. The girl is released and grabs a vine or two and swings her way back into the jungle.

Stitch decides to hop in the cab and look for an elephant so he can try his experiment. Oscar comes along and carries a box with the mouse. Meanwhile the girl comes back to camp and puts some moves on Jim. He’s too nervous for jungle love. Jim goes off into the jungle to check traps. Oscar is back and follows him. Hostile natives capture Jim. Looks like Alec’s surprise has come to call. Jim is tied up and Alec has a good laugh. He says while Jim is being sacrificed he’ll be having some fun with the girl. To make matters worse, the cab is finally out of gas.

The character is never given a name. She’s either the Goddess or the girl. The movie comes to a quick end like they ran out of film. It is worth a look just for the unintended laughs.

Rochelle Hudson has a career than spanned from 1930-1967.

Rochelle Hudson as The Girl

Rochelle Hudson as The Girl


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