Across The Bridge (1957)

across the bridge 1957

Once you get used to Rod Steiger’s German accent you’re in for an excellent movie. He plays an industrialist on the run from a fraud charge. But that’s only the beginning of his trouble.

Carl Schaffner (Rod Steiger) was born in Germany and is now a British business tycoon. He’s holding a press conference in New York about a huge merger when one of his flunkies hands him a note. The London office is on the line. When he finally gets a reconnection he’s told Scotland Yard has his ledgers proving a three million dollar embezzlement he’s committed.

He decides to take a two day train trip to Mexico. He has a million bucks in a Mexico City bank. He’ll get there and lawyer up. On the train he tells the porter he wants all the newspapers from every stop. After several stops he finally sees a paper with his picture on the front page and the story of the swindle.

He wants to go to the club car and runs into a passenger in the aisle. He tells him the car is closed and then invites himself into Carl’s compartment. He has a bottle with him that the two can share. The man is Paul Scarff (Bill Nagy). He tells him his Mexican wife just had a son and he’s on his way to them. He has a Mexican passport. Carl drugs him, steals the passport and makes himself resemble him. Then he tosses the body off the train.

Carl leaves the train fifteen miles from the border after he sees another headline saying the border guards are on the alert for him. Before he can get away he has to claim what’s in the baggage car. It’s Scarff’s dog Dolores. Later he opens Scarff’s suitcase and discovers a gun and a newspaper article saying there’s a reward out for Scarff in Mexico for killing a local governor.

Carl ends up at Sam’s Motel. Johnny drives a tow truck for Sam. On the way back he spots a man crawling along the side of the road. It’s Scraff. He takes him to the Motel. Scarff pays Johnny and Sam to get a doctor because he doesn’t want to go to a hospital. That night Carl is staying in the cabin across from his. Dolores is howling because she knows her master is across the way.

Carl takes the gun and goes into Scarff’s cabin. He’s confined to bed. Carl wants to recover his passport. Now he has both of them. He leaves the gun behind. Johnny discovers the clipping and thinks Carl is Scarff. He drives him across the bridge at gunpoint into Mexico accompanied by police. He thinks he’ll get the reward. Carl finally proves to the local police chief he’s not Scarff. His troubles are far from over as the chief is corrupt and wants money.

Carl can’t ditch Dolores. The towns people hate Carl because Scarff was a local hero. Now Inspector Hadden (Bernard Lee) from Scotland Yard is in town. He’s not getting any cooperation. That doesn’t mean things are any easier for Carl. Hadden comes up with a plan to trick Carl into getting back across the bridge.

This is an excellent movie and highly recommended. Too bad this was Dolores the dogs’ only movie. She had quite a future.


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