Moon Base-E.C.Tubb (1962)

e c tubb-moon base

The British secret service gets a report that something isn’t right in the Moon Base. They send an agent up to find out what’s going on.

Felix Larson says he’s there to install some lasar weapons. He’s not there long before he gets sick and can’t keep anything down. He thinks he may have been poisoned. He also has to deal with the amorous advances of Avril  Simpson. Her boyfriend was killed a year ago in an accident and Felix has a strong  resemblance to him.

After recovering, Felix is shown the lab. The latest project is ABIC or Artificial Biochemical Integration Computer. It’s an artificially grown brain to mimic the human brain. Other lab goodies include a virus that can wipe out all living things on Earth in three hours.

Felix is trying to find his contact, an agent named Seldon. While he’s trying to get acclimated to the Moon’s low g he runs into a room and sees a soldier, Colin Maynard, trying to strangle Shena Dawn. Felix gets him away. Shelia thinks the whole thing is amusing.

Felix tracks Maynard to his room. He’s got a rifle in his mouth. He pulls the trigger. It doesn’t go off. Later he’s termed okay and Felix covered for him. That got him the appreciation of the higher ups.

Out on a hike Felix falls off a cliff. He wakes up in the hospital and Dr.Gloria Brittain says he’ll be okay. When she leaves he doesn’t take the sedative she gave him. He looks into the operating room and there’s Seldon. He was severely injured.

Seldon says he can’t put his finger on what’s wrong. Felix tells him not to tell anyone he saw him. Meanwhile a  British delegation is meeting with the Americans at their base. They’re all trying to find out who is sending signals from the British base. Maxie, the British group’s driver lost all his money in a crap game with the Americans. Naturally he’s in a sour mood. On the way back their vehicle crashes killing everyone on board. One theory is that Maxie was so angry he wasn’t paying attention. Then there’s that upper British coalition from the government.

Lots of excitement ahead. This is one of Tubb’s best stand alones.

Edwin Charles Tubb

Edwin Charles Tubb


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