It Pays To Be Ignorant (1949-51)

it pays to be ignorant

Tom Howard is the host. He’s dressed in the robe and mortar board of a college graduate for this satire on quiz shows. It’s loaded with puns and over the top corny jokes from a three person panel. Tom and the panelists are all from the radio show. Ray Morgan is the announcer.

July 5,1951 episode: Starts with some real corny jokes. He brings out Harry McNaughton who does some corn. Next is Lulu McConnell for more corny jokes. Next is George Shelton with more groaners. They try and answer a question from a viewer as to the name of the Central American Republic for which the Panama Canal is named. The jokes keep getting dumber….Commercial.

Back to more corn. A military Captain is brought out and sits next to Tom. The corn continues and on purpose gets worse. The Captain reaches into the dunce cap to pick out a question. It is, “If Samuel Clemens was Mark Twain’s real name, what was his pen name?”..They have a tough time trying to figure it out. The Captain gets $24.24 for helping out.

The Townsmen Quartet come out and sing “Skip To My Lou.” Another guest comes out. She’s Mary Lou Olsen. She lives near Langley Air Force Base where her father has just retired. She’s in New York with her high school acting group. She just graduated. Here comes more corn. She reaches into the dunce cap and gets, “What key was Rubinstein’s ‘Melody In F’ written?”….More jokes….Mary Lou gets a  check for $25.60.

Commercial….Now the crackpot question…”What was the last name of a woman from the Revolutionary War whose first name was Molly? Her last name reminds you of something she pours water from. There’s a hotel in Red Bank, New Jersey named the Molly Pitcher….They don’t get it….Tom closes the show.


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2 Responses to It Pays To Be Ignorant (1949-51)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    It’s a fun show, although I understand why it couldn’t last, and hasn’t come back.

  2. vintage45 says:

    Guess it’s too much corn for our “sophisticated” age.

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