Dagmar’s Canteen (1952)



The bombshell from West Virginia hosted this series in a mock military canteen in Manhattan. It was a half hour variety show. She’s a good hostess and comes across very congenial. The show was live and sometimes ran over.

November 30,1952 episode:  Dagmar comes out after some couples jitterbug.  The music is “Oh You Beautiful Doll.”  She introduces Milton DeLugg and his orchestra and her sister Jean. She really is her sister. They mingle with the crowd. Jean has a seat and then Dagmar brings out Ray Malone. They do a bad comedy routine.

Now she approaches Sidney (Joey Faye) who is singing instead of serving refreshments. He brings out a harmonica. The bit goes nowhere as Sidney tries a dance routine. She brings Ray back out. Sidney leaves and Ray dances. The bit ends after he drops a cake.

Dagmar wants to do a play. She calls a serviceman from the audience to take part. She tells the soldier to show different emotions. Now she calls another serviceman to the stage to do the same thing. Time for the play. The soldiers portray psychiatrists and so does Dagmar. Now she needs Sidney. It’s pretty bad. Ray does some sound effects. When it’s done she tells the soldiers they’ll get a nice prize for taking part.

Now a regular feature involving a talented soldier. This week is Air Force Colonel Howard Mandell. He sings “They Wouldn’t  Believe Me.” He gets a Bulova wrist watch. Ray and Dagmar sing and dance to “Side By Side.”

Sidney comes back out and whines that Dagmar never lets him do anything.  She agrees to let him play a game. He and Ray gets three guys and three girls from the audience to come on stage. The three men sit on the girls laps. The boys get bibs and bonnets. The one who finishes a bottle of milk first gets a prize and so does the girl he’s sitting on. It’s really lame.

Time for the weekly newsletter. It’s supposed to tell the men overseas and in Korea what’s going on. It’s a bunch of corny jokes. Dagmar closes the show by singing “Goodnight Sweetheart.”


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