Murder And Mystery In Chicago-Edited by Carol-Lynn Rossel Waugh-Frank D. McSherry,Jr and Martin H.Greenberg

carol-lynn-rossel waugh-frank d McSherry-martin h greenberg (editors)-murder and mystery in chicago

Eleven stories from 1938,43,45,53,54,56,71,73,84,86. Favorites:

“I’ll Slit Your Throat Again,Kathleen” (1953) – Fredric Brown – Johnny Marlin is a successful band leader and a top sax and clarinet player. Then he tried to kill his wife and he lost the use of his fingers for playing. He doesn’t remember the incident and is in a mental home. His friend Tubby Hayes visits. Tubby is going to drive him to see Kathleen. Interesting that Brown used the name of a real musician with Tubby Hayes. He was a famous tenor sax player in England

“The Theft Of The Overdue Library Book” (1984) – Edward D.Hoch – An acquaintance tries to hire Nick Velvet to kidnap Tony Wilde. Nick says he never steals anything valuable and his old friend Tony is valuable. He goes to Chicago to warn Tony and tell him to be on the lookout for Sandra Paris aka/The White Queen. Her slogan is “Impossible Things Before Breakfast.”. Tony doesn’t seem all that concerned. He hires Nick to find an overdue library book. It’s a old and worthless paperback copy of “The Thin Man.” Tony doesn’t tell him why he wants it. One day in the park with Nick’s girlfriend Gloria watching and his guard dog outside the men’s room, Tony disappears.

“Before He Kills” (1973) – Ray Russell – A psychiatrist calls a police Lieutenant about a patient. Before the man left his office he said he was going to kill his ex wife.  The doctor doesn’t know his real name, address or anything else about him. He also doesn’t have a clue as to the name and address of the ex wife. Sometimes it pays to be a film buff.

‘Brother Orchid” (1938) – Richard Connell – Basis for the 1940 movie with Edward G.Robinson and Humphrey Bogart. Little John Sarto has done his time and has been released from Alcatraz, He goes back to his old haunt with plans to take over again. All his men are either dead or in jail except for Jack Buck.  Bucks puts out a contract on Sarto. The hit goes wrong and Sarto wakes up in a monastery where the monks grow and sell flowers. Everyone takes the name of a flower and Sarto is now Brother Orchid. A year goes by and the monks were told by the merchants that a protective association won’t let them deal with the monks anymore. Brother Orchid goes into action.

Other authors: Sara Paretsky, Howard Browne, Robert Bloch, Craig Rice, James M.Ullman, Jon L.Breen and Dorothy B.Hughes.



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