Tip-Off Girls (1938)

tip-off girls 1938

Don’t let the misleading title keep you away or else you’ll miss a good crime movie with a number of familiar faces. It’s all about a gang that hijacks trucks.

A gang is making a mint hijacking trucks carrying everything from furs to booze to cigarettes. Truck company owner Joe Valkus (J.Carrol Naish) heads a group that asks the FBI for action.

A truck driver spots a woman lying in the road. He stops. From out of nowhere here comes a man with a gun. She was just bait. Red Deegan (Buster Crabbe) likes to use Rena Trent (Evelyn Brent) to make the drivers stop. Red’s top gun is Marty (Anthony Quinn).

The big boss is located in the Traynor Hotel.  Marjorie Rogers (Mary Carlisle) free lances for the hotel guests as a secretary. She also tries teaching switchboard operator Boots shorthand. A guest wants to dictate some letters. It’s the boss of the hijack gang. It’s Valkus. He speaks in broken English and is happy when he reads that Marjorie wrote the letter in proper English. He hires her to be his exclusive secretary. Marjorie doesn’t have a clue about what he really does.

Time for another job. Rena hitchhikes and a truck pulls over. Jim the driver and his partner Sam give her a ride to a truck stop. Into the place come Bob Anders (Lloyd Nolan) and Tommy (Roscoe Karns). Bob listens through a wall to Rena who is in a phone booth.

Red, Marty and the gang hijack Jim and Sam. Marty panics and puts a bullet in Sam. They don’t know Sam wrote down the license plate number of Red’s getaway car. In the hospital he gives the cops the number. To make it worse for Red and Marty, Bob and Tommy hijack the truck from them. Now they have to sell the booze. They go to liquor stores. No takers. Then they make a sale. The store owner goes into a back room and calls Red. It’s not long before Red and Marty show up. Marty slips and says the boss thinks they already have the shipment. It ends up with Bob and Tommy being hired by Red.

Joe tells Marjorie to go to the post office. Red says his driver will take her. All of a sudden the cops are chasing them and Bob steps on the gas. Marjorie isn’t happy. That doesn’t stop Bob from making moves on her. He ditches the cops.

When he gets back to Joe’s room he tosses the plates on the desk and tells them what happened. Marty and Red have to straighten that out. Rena is suspicious of Bob. She just has a feeling. Joe is becoming unhappy with Red. Rena goes out on a job with Bob. One of the hijacked trucks is stopped by a cop. Bob slugs him. Then he gives him a message.

Lots of action to come. If you like good B crime movies check this one out.


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2 Responses to Tip-Off Girls (1938)

  1. dfordoom says:

    It seems to be very hard to find but it sounds like it might be worth the effort.

  2. vintage45 says:

    It’s a little different from the usual B movies. Lloyd Nolan always seems to fit movies like this one.

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