Fellowship Of The Stars-Edited by Terry Carr (1974)

terry carr (editor)-fellowship of the stars

Nine stories about humans getting along with aliens and other life forms. All stories are from 1974. Favorites:

“Dream Done Green” – Alan Dean Foster – Casperdan is seventeen. It’s tradition on her planet that she either get married or take over the family business. It’s almost automatic that girls in that position get married. That looks like her future until she gets a visit from a horse named Pericles. It’s been discovered how to allow animals to talk. Most are on the level of a ten year old child. Not this horse.

Pericles convinces Casperdan to take over the business. He changes the name to Dream Enterprises. The two of them build it into a very wealthy enterprise. The dream is to find old Earth. All they have to do now is find someone who knows where it is. It’s not a stretch to say the ending is poetic.

“Enjoy, Enjoy”  –  A man is hired to go around the world and have fun. His experiences will be recorded for those who aren’t able to get around. If his adventures get boring he’ll get three warnings. He can quit anytime or wait to be fired. He’ll find out the ideal job isn’t exactly as advertised.

“Do You Know Dave Wenzel?” – Fritz Leiber. – Don is married with three kids. One night the doorbell rings. He tells his wife it was an old friend from his college days fifteen years ago. His name is Dave Wenzel and they used to do everything together. He doesn’t come in. Don says they made a pact about traveling the world having adventures. Looks like Dave is here to collect. He’s not taking no for an answer and still no one ever sees him.

Other authors: Geo.Alec Effinger, Mildred Downey Broxon, Pamela Sargent, Alan Brennert, John Brunner and Ursula K.LeGuin.




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4 Responses to Fellowship Of The Stars-Edited by Terry Carr (1974)

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    How was the Sargent story? Trying to figure out if I should read her collection or not — not a fan of the novel of hers I read (Cloned Lives)

  2. vintage45 says:

    The story is “Shadows.” It’s about Earth under the rule of aliens. The novelette explores the real reasons for the conquest. I struggled through it but realized early one I had better things to do.

  3. vintage45 says:

    It was. I’ve tried to like some of her writing but could never get there.

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