Frozen Alive (1964)

frozen alive 1964

A sure cure for insomnia. It’s a SF soap opera about suspended animation and the life of a scientist with a drunken, jealous wife who likes to fool around with an old boyfriend. This deserves its place of dishonor on the worst ever list. This is a co-production from England and West Germany.

The World Health Organization’s Low Temperature Unit is located in Munich, Germany. It’s lecture night with Dr.Helen Wieland (Marianne Koch) and Dr.Frank Overton (Mark Stevens). They’ve successfully frozen some chimps for three months. They’re back and able to monkey around as usual.

Frank’s wife Joan (Delphi Lawrence) shows up after spending time with her reporter boyfriend Tony Stein (Joachim Hansen). She’s jealous of Helen. Frank and Helen say it’s time for a human experiment.

Later their boss Sir Keith is in the lab asking questions. Frank thinks he’s an idiot. Professor Hubbard has good news for the dynamic duo. Frank and Helen have won a cash prize that gets them twenty-five grand apiece. You can bet Joan’s happy.

Joan’s not ready for a house in the country with kids. She’s afraid of losing her looks and Frank will really latch on to Helen. It doesn’t help when Frank says he’s going back to the lab. While he works with Helen, Joan and Tony are at a nightclub. Tony gets a call from his boss. He wants an article for tomorrow’s paper. It’s back to Tony’s place. Meanwhile Frank is giving Helen that come hither look. She’s tempted but the good scientist has her principals.

Let’s go back to Tony’s. Helen is smashed. She picks up a gin bottle….and a gun. Tony makes her put it on the desk. He goes to another room to finish the article and she leaves.

Later on back home with Frank and Joan he gets a call from Helen. He can’t help but notice Joan is trying to hide a gun. When he goes to get it from her it goes off. She manages to shoot a pillow.  He tells Helen it was just a light bulb exploding.

Sir Keith tells Frank and Helen he’s splitting them up and it’s time to work on something else. That doesn’t go over too well. They decide to try the human experiment. Frank will get into the chamber.

Back home Tony is at Joan’s place. She’s fooling around with the gun and of course she manages to shoot herself. She thought Frank unloaded it but it looks like he forgot about one in the chamber. Tony wipes the place clean of his prints, takes the gun and gets out of there.

Back at the lab Frank is cooling off. Then the cops show up. The Overton’s maid discovered Joan’s body. Hubbard says they can’t talk to Frank right now. He’s too busy being a Dove Bar.

The movie goes for a suspenseful ending but the only suspense is…will it finally end? Thankfully it does. You can wake up now.

Joan likes her booze and bullets

Joan likes her booze and bullets


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