The Widow From Chicago (1930)

the widow from chicago 1930

Good early gangster movie. Not one of the classics but well worth checking out. Alice White is out for revenge on gangster Edward G.Robinson. He had her brother bumped off.

Jimmy Henderson was on a train following gangster Swifty Dorgan (Neil Hamilton). Swifty is on his way to join the Dominic mob in New York. He jumps off the train and into the river. Jimmy poses as Swifty to get into the Dominic gang. He’s living with his sister Polly (Alice White). He has Swifty’s grip with him. He says goodbye to Alice, walks outside and is gunned down.

Polly is out for revenge. She gets a job as a featured taxi dancer at Dominic’s (Edward G.Robinson) nightclub.  Dominic is having trouble with the uptown Johnson gang. The town’s not big enough for both of them.

Polly has been posing as Swifty’s widow. She’s shocked when he shows up. He goes along with Polly and pretends to be her husband. She won’t let him stay in her room and he has use the back stairs to come and go.

Dominic is setting up a robbery at Johnson’s place. Swifty is working in advance at Johnson’s place to get everything ready for the big night. Of course it’ll be at midnight. In the meantime he and Polly are starting to fall for each other.

Midnight. A copper has the drop on Swifty. Alice plugs him. Dominic wants to get her out of town. She and Swifty have a big argument and he heads for the exit.

Before it’s all over bullets will fly and even one of the cops yells out, “You haven’t got a chance.”

One strange thing. Swifty’s grip has two swastikas on it. At the time the symbol was still associated with Hindu and other groups as a mark of peace and eternity. America was still pretty much in the dark about Nazis.

Alice White is loaded with charm and Robinson is working his way up to 1931’s “Little Caesar.”

Neil Hamilton had a long and prolific career. TV fans know him best as Commissioner Gordon on “Batman” (1966-68).

Edward G.Robinson-Alice White

Edward G.Robinson-Alice White


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2 Responses to The Widow From Chicago (1930)

  1. Watching it right now and found your blog because I had to find out about those weird swastikas! Bizarre to see that in a film from 1930. Would love to know what was on the filmmakers’ minds when they did that. It was a very specific choice.

  2. vintage45 says:

    They probably didn’t have a clue since swastikas weren’t prevalent in Germany until around 1933. They were still considered signs of peace used by Hindus.

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