I Take This Oath (Police Rookie) (1940)

i take this oath (police rookie) 1940

Dull one about a man trying to find out who killed his cop father. He ends up trying to join the force.

A gangster is judged not guilty for the third time. Deputy Inspector Mike Hanagan thinks there’s someone big running things. He tells his boss, Inspector Tim Ryan he wants to investigate out of uniform.

He goes around town asking questions and the information leads him to a warehouse. While going through a file drawer he finds a small notebook. Looks like it’s just what he needs. Two gunman show up. They shoot it out. They’re lousy shots and they take off.

Hanagan goes home to his dutiful wife Eileen (Mary Gordon). Their son Steve (Gordon Jones) works in a brewery with ambitions to go to law school. Mike says he should join the force.

Steve’s best friend Joe Kelly comes over and they’re heading out to do some dancing. Joe’s got a hot date and Steve will be with his girlfriend Betty Casey (Joyce Compton). Her father is a police Captain. Mike is going to a classical concert in the park. He leaves first…starts his car….he’s not going anywhere anymore.

Steve starts his own investigation One night he and Joe are on their way to meet the girls when a car forces them off the road. The car turns onto its side. Steve and Joe are okay. Joe spots a gun that fell out of Steve’s jacket. He says he should join the force and keep everything legal. Later on Captain Casey also says he should join the force.

Steve and Joe take the entrance exams. Joe doesn’t make it but Steve is set for seven months of training. He tells Betty he won’t have time for her while he’s in school and suggests she go out with Joe rather than sit home….or date other guys.

Steve eventually finds the notebook his father had and starts cutting classes so he can run down leads. Casey warns him he’ll be out if he keeps being a no show. Inside the notebook was the picture of a man. Steve tries to find him. Then out of the blue he spots him. The man gets in a cab which gives Steve the chance to say, “Follow that cab.”

He ends up at a nightclub owned by the name Steve found in the notebook. Meanwhile Joe and Betty are waiting for him to show up. Joe expresses his new feelings for her but she gently straightens him out. Figuring Steve will be a no show they go outside. Steve spots Betty saying goodbye to Joe with a little affection. He takes it the wrong way and leaves before they see him.

Steve goes to headquarters and is about to tell Casey what he’s discovered. Casey’s not listening and demands his badge. Steve says he’ll take care of it all himself.

The ending is dumb but what else could it be in a movie like this?

The same year this movie was unleashed Gordon Jones played The Green Hornet in the movie of the same name.

Mary Gordon is best know as Mrs.Hudson, Sherlock Holme’s landlady.

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2 Responses to I Take This Oath (Police Rookie) (1940)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    I’m delighted to have an example of someone actually being ordered to “follow that cab”.

  2. vintage45 says:

    A classic movie line I always like to hear.

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