The Adventures Of P.C.49:Investigating The Case Of The Guardian Angel (1949)

the adventures of p.c. 49-investigating the case of the guardian angel 1949

Based on a popular radio series it comes across more like an early TV show. Hugh Latimer is P.C. 49 Archibald Berkeley-Willoughby. He’s tired of walking a beat and wants a promotion to plainclothes. You know you’re in for a low level production when there are villains names Skinny and Fingers and a babe named Carrots.

Archie is walking his quiet beat when he checks a warehouse. Nothing interesting except a swan made out of tin foil. He picks it up and then tosses it. The quiet is shattered when a lorry charges out of the warehouse and the night watchman is gunned down. Archie tells Inspector Wilson he wants to investigate the crime. After some hemming and hawing he gets the chance.

Meanwhile the crooks led by Barney are planning the next job. Fingers and Skinny are concerned that Barney’s too quick on the trigger. That concern doesn’t last long and the lorry robberies continue. Fingers goes into various truck stops, including Ma Brady’s to check out the drivers. The babe waitress is carrots.

Archie disguises himself as dead gangster Vince Kelly. He Fingers is hanging out at Ma’s when Archie and Joan walk in, Carrot’s boyfriend Ted is also there romancing Carrots. He hears his Lorry starting up and runs outside. Barney plugs him and he and Fingers rake off. Archie can’t help but notice a swan made out of tin foil.

Later a driver confronts Fingers as he’s checking out his lorry. Archie to the rescue. Now he and Fingers are pals. When he finds out he’s Kelly, Fingers takes him to meet Barney. Barney doesn’t trust him to work alone and says Skinny will go along. As they drive away in the stolen lorry Skinny can’t help but notice that “Kelly” isn’t his old mate. That lets Archie show his skills at fighting and driving. He finally knocks Skinny out and dumps him before the rendezvous with Barney.

Back at the hideout Barney gets a phone call. Archie discovers that Barney doesn’t run things. That’s someone known as The Boss. Aha! Barney says Archie is going to meet The Boss. They all go to Ma Brady’s while Skinny is escaping through a hospital window before the cop that found him on the road gets there.

Much to Archie’s surprise his girlfriend Joan shows up. He gives her a high sign and she becomes former girlfriend Mavis. Barney thinks he’s slick and lays the charm on “Mavis” and tells Archie to find something to do.

Then……in walks Skinny and the game is up. They all leave and take Joan with them. Carrots goes to call the Inspector. Things are going to change fast.

The last fifteen minutes have a number of laughs, only one is intentional. The resolution is nuts and the later speeded up fight scene doesn’t help matters. The movie isn’t horrible and is worth a view just to see the lazy writing towards the end and the stuff they got away with in the early Hammer Productions.

Hugh Latimer as P.C.49

Hugh Latimer as P.C.49


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