Meet The Wife (1963-66)

Thora Hird-Freddie Frinton

Thora Hird-Freddie Frinton

Sitcom about a plumber and his constantly talking wife. He likes to spend time at the pub while his wife wants him to spend more time with her. It has a laugh or two along the way and even though it’s a chance to see Thora Hird her character can get on your nerves..but then again…she’s supposed to. Freddie Frinton plays husband Fred.

November 7,1966 episode: “Old Time Dancing” – In an effort to get them to do something together Thora enrolls them in a dance class. Fred isn’t happy and would rather drink beer and play darts.  The class has entered a contest where the prize is an appearance on the “Come Dancing” TV show hosted by Peter West.

Fred is more than annoyed at the woman giving him dancing lessons but maintains his cool…barely. Everything he does is wrong. Back home Thora gets her dress ready for the big night. Fred is upset that he has to wear a tie and tails and gloves. In the dressing room he has shoes in a bag. He’s just back from a plumbing job. In a hurry he brought one old shoe and one new one. Then it turns out they’re both for a left foot. Thora finds another one he managed to bring.

The first dance goes okay. Before the second one Fred decides he needs a drink. Out on the floor Thora’s charm bracelet gets caught in Fred’s cuff link. No first prize for their team. Thora does win for best dress.

Later on they’re about to watch the show on TV when the phone rings. It’s the show. Thora is all excited while Fred talks on the phone. It’s not what she thinks.

Though the show had a decent run most of the series only contained four episodes. Overall it was a dull outing.

Thora Hird had a lot better luck as Ivy Unsworth in “In Loving Memory” (1979-86) and as Edie Pegden on “Last Of The Summer Wine” (1986-2003).


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2 Responses to Meet The Wife (1963-66)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    Well, bringing two mismatched left shoes isn’t bad, if you are going for the mismatched shoe joke, anyway.

  2. vintage45 says:

    They really stretched it for a two left feet joke with two left shoes.

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