Castle In The Air (1952)

castle in the air 1952

Entertaining movie about a Scottish Earl who tries to sell his run down castle before it’s taken over by the Coal Board.

The Earl of Locharne’s (David Tomlinson) ancestral castle is falling apart. He’s trying to make some money using it as a bed and breakfast. Creditors are starting to hound him. His assistant Boss Trent (Helen Cherry) does her best to help him. He nicknamed her Boss because she runs things. She’s also crazy about him but he doesn’t pick that up. One of the lodgers is the batty genealogist Miss Nicholson (Margaret Rutherford). She’s a member of the Jacobite Society and believes the Earl is the real King John of Scotland. The castle is also haunted by the ghost of his grandfather’s mistress.

One hope is American Mrs.Coldfelter Dunne (Barbara Kelly) of Denver. She’s a rich divorcee who wants to buy the castle because of her Scottish heritage. She’ll pay a quarter of a million dollars. The fly in the ointment is Mr.Phillips. He’s from the Coal Board and they want to requisition it as a hostel for the miners and their wives.

A tour is going through the castle. Mrs.Dunne shows up and Boss tries to let the Earl know who she is but can’t get the message across. Phillips is part of the group. The Earl is describing what terrible shape the place is in for the benefit of Phillips He takes them to a room where the ghost resides. She scares everyone downstairs.

He finally finds out who the lady who joined the tour is. As things move along Boss is jealous of the attention he’s paying to Mrs.Dunne. Phillips is staying on despite the fact that he’s been given the worst room in the place. No hot water and the wind keeps howling through the cracks. The ghost keeps showing up too.

It looks like Mrs.Dunne is going to buy it after all. The Earl doesn’t tell anyone why he and Mrs.Dunne are heading into Aberdeen. They’re going to the solicitors office to close the deal. They get waylaid into going to Mrs.Nicholson’s group meeting which turns into a bash.

The Earl and Mrs.Dunne returns very late to the castle not feeling any pain. Boss is jealous and also angry thinking the Earl scammed Mrs.Dunne into buying the place since the Coal Board is taking it over.

The movie has some mild laughs and some charm as it works its way to the solution. The ghost doesn’t have much to do with anything but a castle has to have at least one.


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