The Hand (1960)

the hand 1960

A copper finds a local drunk with pockets full of money and…..his hand is missing. Lots of talk and little action in this hour long movie that doesn’t have much of a story or much of a reason for being. It has a Jazzy soundtrack better suited for a P.I. TV show. In fact, the movie would probably have worked better as a TV episode.

IN a POW camp in Burma in 1946 three captured British soldiers refuse to tell their captors where their regiment is located. Having run out of patience the camp commander draws his sword and cuts off one of their hands.

Moving up to present day London: Sgt.Foster is walking his beat and comes across Charlie Taplow. He’s a local drunk and is passed out. He has five hundred pounds in his pockets. Foster takes him to a hospital after seeing that one of his hands has been cut off. Sgt.David Pollitt (Ray Cooney) and his boss Inspector Munyatd (Ronald Leigh-Hunt)ask Charlie what happened. He says a man named Roberts offered him the money for his hand and he took him up on it. Later that night a nurse and Pollitt discover a window open in Charlie’s room. He’s gone. His body is found in the river. He’s been murdered.

A ticket found in his wallet leads Pollitt and Munyard to the Allin House Nursing Home. Charlie was registered there as Roberts. Munyard talks with nurse Geiber while Pollitt talks with Dr.Crawshaw who performed the amputation. He takes a gun out of a desk drawer and kills himself. Later the doctor’s cousin Roger (Derek Bond) shows up. He says he’s wealthy and doesn’t know why his cousin would shoot himself.

Munyard gets a phone call at the hospital from someone looking for Roberts. They trace it to a rooming house and discover Mike Brody. He refuses to say why he’s looking for someone names Roberts. Brody only has one hand.

Pollitt stands guard outside while Munyard goes back to the station. Two men approach Pollitt and then jump him and work him over and lock him in a storage room. The two along with a third man go to Brody’s. One of them stabs him. He’s still alive when the cops get there and mumbles the name Roberts. Pollitt finds a box. Inside….a hand.

Mrs.Brody calls Munyard and tells him she’s being followed. While on the phone a man come sup behind her and hangs the phone up. He says he’s George Adams and is looking for Roberts. He only has one hand.

Anything else from here on in would be a spoiler. The ending is laughable.

Ronald Leigh-Hunt as Inspector Munyard

Ronald Leigh-Hunt as Inspector Munyard


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