Gideon’s Way (Gideon C.I.D.) (1964-67)

gideon's way (gideon c.i.d.)

The show is based on the series by John Creasey writing as J.J.Marric.  John Gregson stars as Commander Gideon Alexander Davion is Detective Chief Inspector David Keen. Gideon usually handles a number of cases at once. He’s married with two sons. Like the books, the series spends some time with Gideon’s home life.

Season 1-Episode 11-“Subway To Revenge”:April 3,1965 – The episode is based in part on the 1963 book “Gideon’s Ride.” –  Jimmy Lane is a shy accountant at a chemical company. He still lives with his mother. He’d like to get to know personnel director Ellen Winters. One afternoon he’s standing right next to her as they wait for a subway. He can’t think of anything to say. Then a man behind him gives him a push as the subway comes into the station.

Jimmy doesn’t fall and he and Ellen get into the car. She insists he was pushed but he says he just slipped. She won’t let it go and when he refuses to go to the police she goes to the station. The Sarge says to tell him what happened but she demands to see Commander Gideon. Gideon comes out and tells her to give her information to the Sarge. Undaunted Ellen goes to Gideon’s house that night.

Gideon has his hands full with a wages robbery case where a guard was killed. One suspect is arrested and Gideon’s men track down the others. Now he has time to devote to Ellen. He thinks she may have something.

Detective Chief Inspector David Keen comes up with a list that shows six people have been killed recently by being hit by a subway. Three of them worked for the same company that employees Jimmy and Ellen. The first one was Martha Robson. She stole five thousand pounds from the company. The other two deaths were  company men who investigated the case. Jimmy was also in on it and maybe that’s why he’s been marked.

The case was settled in house. Martha paid the money back. She was fired but no charges were brought against her. A few months later she committed suicide by jumping in front of a subway. In an earlier interview with Martha’s possessive father Gideon figured out that she had a fiancee and was using the money for her marriage.

Gideon assigns guards to Jimmy. His mother doesn’t seems all that concerned because she can’t figure why anyone would want to kill him.

The episode goes into police procedural mode and has a number of suspenseful moments. Another good outing of a good series.


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