African Patrol (1958-59)

John Bentley

John Bentley

Good show filmed in Kenya that should have stuck around longer than once season. John Bentley is Inspector Paul Derek.

October 26,1958 episode: “No Place To Hide” – Dairy farmer Jim Stevens is about to lose the farm. His cows have been hit with a disease and he’s about to be foreclosed by money lender Charles Sidrom. He tries to see him but can’t get past the houseboy.

Jim goes to plead his case with Sidrom’s associate Philip Glynos. No luck. He says he’s not a fan of his boss but there’s nothing he can do once his mind is made up. Others have also lost their farms. Jim says he’ll make him see him whether he likes it or not and may not be in such good shape afterwards. No surprise that Sidrom is murdered.

Derek goes to Jim’s farm. His wife Stella (Zena Marshall) finally tells him that Jim is headed for neighboring Tanganyika. He’s got a gun and Jim is a marksman and has a bad temper. Derek and his men capture him. Jim says he’ll waive a trial and confesses to the murder.

An autopsy shows that Sindrom had an incurable disease and only had thirty days to live. Derek goes to a clinic in Nairobi and finds out that Sindrom was actually close to a saint. He had the clinic built and his will forgave all debts by the farmers and he also left a huge endowment to the university for a school of agriculture. Along with all that Derek finds out that Sindrom was an invalid.

One of Derek’s men digs up an old newspaper article that gets him suspicious. He goes to see Glynos and smells a rat. The more he investigates the smell gets worse.

This was a good episode on a good show that doesn’t deserve to be forgotten.

James Bond fans will recognize Zena Marshall as Miss Taro from “Dr.No” (1962).

Zena Marshall as Miss Taro in "Dr.No."

Zena Marshall as Miss Taro in “Dr.No.”


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