The Dagmar Story (1951)

Dagmar-Enid Markey

Dagmar-Enid Markey

Thought to be a pilot for a sitcom with one of TV’s earliest and biggest stars,Dagmar. The show features Edna Markey as Ma Lewis and Robert Emhardt as Pa Lewis. Art Carney is her fast talking, unemployed cousin Artie who acts as her manager. Dagmar (Virginia Ruth Egnor) plays Jennie Lewis.

Pa Lewis is the building janitor. He and his wife along with Dagmar and Artie live in the basement apartment. Pa refers to himself as a superintendent. Ma encourages Dagmar to recite poetry. Pa can’t stand that she’s on TV. He also can’t stand the lazy Artie.

Mr.Doubleday is the TV’s shows’ producer. While on the phone with Artie he gets a message that Mr.Frisbee is there and wants to see the ad campaign for his soft drink Whoopee. Doubleday shows him some pictures of a sexy Dagmar with the product. He’s not impressed and prefers someone wholesome.

Doubleday sees a lot of money walking out the door and convinces Frisbee to drop by Dagmar’s place later that afternoon to see her for himself. Fast talking Artie makes an occasional five bucks for walking the dog of the wealthy Mr.Vance. He lives in the penthouse. The rent is five hundred a month.

Artie wants Dagmar to wear something sexy to impress Frisbee. Ma wants her to impress him by her recitations. Pa wants nothing to do with it. Artie gets the bright idea to use Vance’s place while he’s out to make an impression.

Artie takes her up there and she’s all decked out. Frisbee drops by and Artie wants him to think it’s where Dagmar lives. Dagmar shows him around the place and Artie says he should stay for some drinks and laughs. Pa comes in and his big mouth spoils everything. Then Vance comes home. He can’t believe he tossed the glamorous TV star out of his apartment.

Everyone is back home downstairs. They get word Frisbee is coming over to get the real story.

The show has its moments. Dagmar is always fun and it’s nice to see Art Carney before he exploded on the scene as Ed Norton on “The Honeymooners.” His part can get annoying but that’s what the script calls for and he pulls it off.

Art Carney as Artie

Art Carney as Artie


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