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Detective Kitty O’Day (1944)

Jean Parker is fun to watch but not enough to waste time with this one. A lot more silliness than substance sinks it. Johnny Jones (Peter Cookson) delivers a hundred thousand dollars in securities to his boss Mr.Wentworth. Johnny’s girlfriend … Continue reading

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Murder Over New York (1940)

Fair entry in the series with Charlie getting mixed up in a case of murder and sabotage. Look for a cameo by Shemp Howard. Charlie (Sidney Toler) is flying to a police convention in New York. On the plane is … Continue reading

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The Trial (1962)

Orson Welles visually striking production of Franz Kafka’s novel written in 1914 and 1915 and published in 1925. It includes his famous parable “Before The Law.” Anthony Perkins gives a great performance as Joseph K, a man accused of a … Continue reading

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A Lovely Bunch Of Al Jazzbo Collins And The Bandidos (1967)

Sonny Cool Goldilox and the Three Bears Jazz Mass The Three Little Pigs The Power of the Flower Little Red Riding Hood Jack and the Beanstalk The Swearing in of the Bandidos Bass [Fender] – Ron Brown Drums – Hal … Continue reading

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The Gamma People (1958)

The movie can’t make up its mind what it wants to be. It looks like a horror movie that morphed into a comedy. American actor Paul Douglas may have been working off a contract to star in this British movie … Continue reading

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The Definitive Collection 1941-62 Vol.1-Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup 4 CD’S

CD 1: 01. If I Get Lucky (3:05) 02. Death Valley Blues (3:14) 03. Kind Lover Blues (3:03) 04. Black Pony Blues (3:19) 05. Give Me A 32-20 (2:49) 06. Raised To My Hand (3:07) 07. Gonna Follow My Baby … Continue reading

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Black Gold (1936)

Nothing much here. A man wants to bring in an oil well so his son will have a good life. The greedy head of a refining company has a different idea. Dan O’Reilly (Frank Shannon) is finally about to strike … Continue reading

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