The Metrognome And Other Stories-Alan Dean Foster

alan dean foster-the metrognome & other stories

Fifteen stories from 1973,79,83-87. This is a combination of SF,Horror and Fantasy. Overall it’s a mediocre collection with the horror stories coming out ahead. Some stories have a good sense of humor. The cover has nothing to do with any of the stories. Favorites:

“Operator Assisted Calls Are Charged At A Higher Rate” (1983) – This is for anyone who has had problems with the phone company. A retired executive now lives in a cabin in the Sierras. He’s always used to getting his own way and pushing people around. Looks like he’s met his match.

“Thrust” (1979) – A starship with an alien drive is headed for Barnard’s Star with a load of colonists. For some reason the ship is moving a lot faster than scheduled. Everyone is happy but no one can figure out what’s powering the drive.

“The Chair” written with Jane Cozart (1979) – A couple goes to an out of the way antique store and purchaser a chair. The story is that is was owned by a court astrologer. In fact his face is represented on the chair along with a few others. This is an old fashioned horror story that could have been used for the Boris Karloff hosted TV show “Thriller” (1960-62).

“The Thunderer” (1987) – Two geologists from an oil company are doing research in the Louisiana swamps. An old man living in a cabin warns them about the Thunderer, a character out of an old folk tale. They should have listened.

“Pleistosport” (1986) – A hunter who thinks he’s a sportsman hoes back in time to bag mammoths and other ancient animals. He always uses sophisticated equipment. He wants to bag a rare woolly Rhino. He just has to get past a rare form of saber toothed tiger.

“The Tessellated Tetrahexahedral  Yellow Rose Of Texas” (novella) – A UFO lands in a rural Texas farm. The family decides to use it as a Christmas ornament on the barn. If scientists and the government want to get it they’ll have to sue. There’s a third group more than interested in it. They’re not patient.

Alan Dean Foster

Alan Dean Foster


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