The Mask (1961)

the mask 1961

Canadian cheapie that has potential but it’s wasted here. The acting is horrible and some of the dialogue is beyond laughable. The 3D nightmare sequences really needed a decent budget to pull them off. Considering the $1.98 budget they’re creepy and not all that bad.

Michael Radin is an archaeologist for the Museum of Ancient History. On a recent expedition to South America he finds a three thousand year old mask. When he puts it on he has a dream that he killed a girl in the woods. He wakes up with scratches on his face.

He goes to his psychiatrist Dr.Allan Barnes who isn’t buying the mask influence story. Back home Radin tells his landlady to mail a package to Allan. It’s the mask. Then Radin kills himself. Lt.Martin is questioning Allan and neither pays attention to the package on Allan’s desk.

Lt.Martin leaves and Allan opens the package and puts the mask on. Time for a nightmare sequence. Allan thinks this is the greatest discovery to aid psychiatry in exploring the inner reaches of the mind. His girlfriend Pam thinks otherwise. She returns from a trip to the store and sees Allan on the floor wearing the mask. The legend says whoever wears it will end up doing crazy things.

She keeps telling him to return it to the museum but he doesn’t want to hear it. Finally she grabs it and it just so happens a cab is coming down the street. Allan jumps in his car and follows. She gets to the museum and has the driver take the mask inside. Allan goes in and gets it back.

Once again Allan hears a voice telling him to put the mask on. It’s another nightmare and then a kind of nicemare about his secretary Jill. Pam has had it. Take the mask back or she’s outta there. He called on his old teacher Professor Quincey. He agrees to have Allan put the mask on at his house.

That night Pam takes Allan to Quincey’s place. The prof put a sedative in Allan’s coffee and he’s sacked out upstairs. While Pam and Quincey talk about the mask Allan hears that voice again. Time for another nightmare.

It may be worth seeing just for the 3D sequences and wishing that a halfway decent movie would have been wrapped around them.

If you find this mask, don't do this

If you find this mask, don’t do this



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  1. table9mutant says:

    Ha! Looks like They Live!! 🙂

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