Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood (1942)

boston blackie goes hollywood 1942

Fourth and one of the most entertaining of the fourteen film series. Chester Morris is back along with George E.Stone, Richard Lane and Lloyd Corrigan. Blackie’s pal Arthur Manleder needs help but Blackie can’t get to him unless he and The Runt can duck Inspector Faraday who suspects Blackie of stealing a valuable diamond.

Blackie (Chester Morris) and The Runt (George E.Stone) are packing for a trip to Florida. They hear and lock a burglar into a room with no way out. Blackie calls the cops and Sgt.Matthews shows up. Blackie spots a shoe hanging in the fireplace and gives it a hot foot. It’s Faraday (Richard Lane).

Faraday suspects Blackie of stealing the Monterey diamond. Blackie convinces him otherwise and he and The Runt go to the train station. There’s a telegram waiting from their millionaire friend Arthur Manleder (Lloyd Corrigan). He’s in trouble out in California. He needs the sixty thousand dollars from his safe so he can reclaim the diamond.

Before Blackie and The Runt can get to California there’s a number of one upmanship games between Blackie and Faraday. Funny stuff. At Arthur’s hotel Blackie is disguised as a professor and The Runt as his son. They had to put on the disguises back in New York and flew out that way. On the plane an ant farm comes in handy.

Two crooks are telling Arthur they’ll get the diamond back for sixty grand. That’s exactly how much it’ll take to break it up for sale. Arthur doesn’t know that. Still in disguise Blackie comes in and Arthur explains that the diamond disappeared after he picked it up for a friend. The man behind the racket is Blackie’s old cell mate at Sing Sing, Slick Barton. Faraday and Matthews are also on hand.

The last twenty minutes are really good and make this one of the best in the series.

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