Navy Log (1955-58)

navy log

Another one of those shows based on actual incidents. It was done with the cooperation of the Navy. It’s pretty good and worth seeing. It’s not overdone and moves along at a good pace.

May 1,1957 episode: “Nightmare Off Brooklyn” w/ DeForest “Dr.McCoy” Kelley – In a bar near the Brooklyn Navy Yard a sailor is shooting his mouth off about the ship’s new generation of guided missiles. Listening in is a customer named Skoda (Simon Scott) sitting right next to him. Another sailor has had enough and gets him out of there before he can spout off more information.

Skoda makes a phone call and sets up a meet.  Six saboteurs set up a plan to get on board. They include sea Captain Jurgesson (Emory Parnell). They’re set up with uniforms and make their way to the Navy Yard. Three of them convince the destroyer captain that they’re there to inspect the ship before it can leave.

The other three get on board when Jurgesson’s boat comes alongside and one of the gang fakes a heart attack. Now all are on board and head for the engine room and the center where the missiles are controlled. The hunt is on throughout the ship to capture them. DeForest Kelley plays a character named Smithwick. He’s one of the bad guys.

There were a number of similar shows in the late 50’s. This is one of the better ones.

Simon Scott played Arnold Slocum in “Trapper John, M.D.” (1979-85).

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