Bride Of The Monster (1956)

bride of the monster 1956

Bela Lugosi and Tor Johnson are once again trapped in an Ed Wood extravaganza. Bela is a mad scientist and Tor is his faithful mute companion.

Two men are caught in a rainstorm and head for the old Willow place. They thought it was abandoned until Dr.Eric Vornoff (Bela Lugois)  answers the door. He won’t let them in. Standing behind them is Lobo (Tow Johnson). Now they’ll leave. They run to the swamp and a giant octopus does them in. That makes twelve disappearances credited to…..The Monster!

Reporter Janet Lawton writes the monster story in the papers and police Captain Robbins wishes she would knock it off. Her boyfriend, Lt.Dick Craig isn’t happy either. Janet decides to do her own investigating and drive out to the swamp. Dropping into the police station is Professor Strowski. He wants to help in the investigation. He’s a European monster specialist.

On the way to the swamp Janet gets a flat. A large snake makes her faint. That’s okay. Lobo kills it and carries her to the old house. Dick and his cop partner Martin find Janet’s car and take off for a diner ten miles away. Maybe she walked there for some coffee.

Strowski thinks maybe the swamp monster is something like Nessie in Loch Ness. He doesn’t wait for the cops and goes out on his own. Inside the house Janet comes to. She finds out Vornoff searched her purse. Lobo is smitten. You can almost see the hearts swirling around his head. Vornoff makes him leave.  He tells Janet Lobo is harmless and that he found him wandering around the wilderness of Tibet. Then he puts Janet in a trance and has Lobo carry her to another room.

In through the unlocked front door comes Strowski. Vornoff finds him. Turns out his home country sent Strowski there to find him and bring him back. Vornoff was disgraced twenty years ago because of his experiments with atomic energy. He wanted to create a race of atomic supermen who would conquer the world. Now all is forgiven and they want him back. He’s not going anywhere so Strowski pulls a gun. Lobo takes care of him. He carries him to the secret lab and tosses him to the stationary rubber octopus.

Dick and Marty come across Strowski’s car. Dick goes to the house to investigate. Another knock out for Lobo. Now it’s time for Janet. Vornoff screws up his face and waves his hands around and here comes Janet in a brand new dress. Vornoff tells her to relax. She’s going to be the bride of the atom. Lobo hung Dick on the wall so he can watch. Lobo can’t take any more. He battles with Vornoff. Bullets have no effect. Vornoff is down for the count and Lobo releases Janet and puts Vornoff on the table instead. While that’s going on Janet releases Dick. Lobo heads for the lab equipment. He must have been paying attention to all the previous failed experiments.

Looks like Lobo is the better scientist as Vornoff has the strength of at least ten men. He can now handle the Swedish Angel. Time now to run off into the swamp with Janet.

Not the worst Ed Wood movie but it does have his hallmarks of bad acting and laughable dialogue. Bela tries the best he can with what he has to work with. Tor’s lucky he just has to lumber around like a stiff.


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