Oh Brother! (1968-70)

Felix Aylmer-Derek Nimmo

Felix Aylmer-Derek Nimmo

Very funny series that takes place in a monastery. Derek Nimmo stars as the UK’s clumsiest monk. Slapstick and sight gags galore and it all works. Felix Aylmer is The Prior,Father Anselm.

Opening episode:September 14,1968 – “The Voice Of The Turtle” –  Thanks to a rule everyone must be in the choir. The monks wish that didn’t apply to Brother Dominic (David Nimmo). His horrible voice is louder than anyone else’s and he doesn’t sense anything wrong.

The Prior (Felix Aylmer) and Father Bernard try and figure out how to keep Dominic out of the choir. A cardinal from the Vatican is on his way for an inspection tour. The Prior is afraid that means a merger and that will end their independence.

The first plan is to make Dominic the official bell ringer. In less than a minute he destroys the belfry. Their next plan is to use the services of Brother Jerome. He was an opera singer but gave it up to find peace and humility. Giving singing lessons to Dominic might work to that end.

It doesn’t take long for Jerome to get frustrated. He said he left the stage five years ago but Dominic has him convinced he should leave and sing in a cabaret or strip club.

The cardinal arrives and Dominic causes his usual havoc. The Prior hints that maybe Dominic should come down with a cold and lose his voice for a while. The plan is put into action.

A lot more fun to come as Dominic is oblivious to all the chaos he causes.



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2 Responses to Oh Brother! (1968-70)

  1. dfordoom says:

    The other Derek Nimmo ecclesiastical comedy, ALL GAS AND GAITERS, is even funnier.

  2. vintage45 says:

    That was a funny show. I’ll be posting an bit about it in the coming weeks.

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