Tightrope! (1959-60)


Mike Connors before “Mannix” in this half hour show where he played a cop that’s so undercover even the cops don’t know who he is as he travels from city to city breaking the tough cases. In the voiceover Connors explains he’s walking a tightrope. This was a good show and brought a touch of noir to TV.

Opening episode: September 8,1959 –  “Getaway Day” – Danny tells Mrs.Wilson her husband had an accident at the race track. While speeding along he gets pulled over by a motorcycle cop. He says he’s headed for the track and the cop tells him he’s going the wrong way. He goes to call it in when out of the backseat comes a hood known as The Blaster. He has a sawed off shotgun and shoots the cop. He dies in the hospital. His last words were “race track.”

Time to call in a special undercover man (Mike Connors). The cops never see him. Using the name Smith he gets credibility with the underworld as he establishes himself as a tough guy in a pool room. He goes to a club owned by Frenchy Malloy and comes on to his dame Lucille. He tells her he can get her into TV commercials and she buys it.

The bartender warns him to stay away from her and a couple of Frenchy’s boys deliver the same message. They wait for him in his apartment. He gets the drop on them but goes with them to see Frenchy. He’s impressed with him and brings him into the gang for ten percent of a half million bucks they plan to rob for the race track on getaway day.

Smith is taken to a cabin where The Blaster is holding Mrs.Wilson. The idea is to force her husband, a guard at the track, to cooperate with them. Then an ambulance pulls up with the gang. The plans have been switched. The robbery is happening right now. Smith hasn’t had time to call the cops. He goes along with the gang to the track.

This was a good opener for a series that only lasted thirty-seven episodes. The show was popular but conflicts involving a sponsor and the network brought it down.


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