Black Gold (1936)

black gold 1936 2

Nothing much here. A man wants to bring in an oil well so his son will have a good life. The greedy head of a refining company has a different idea.

Dan O’Reilly (Frank Shannon) is finally about to strike oil. The big problem is that the lease is thirty days away from expiring. Holding it is J.C.Anderson (Berton Churchill) He’s gotten word that O’Reilly is days away from striking the big one. Now he wants to trick Dan out of the lease.

Dan’s son Clifford aka/Fishtail (Frankie Darro) would rather work for his pop than go to school. The teacher, Cynthia Jackson (Gloria Shea), comes out to the oil field to get him. In the classroom he’s bored and jumps out the window. Cynthia chases him. Fishtail runs into Henry Langford (LeRoy Mason) who stops him. He’s a geologist but is happy with his discovery of Cynthia.

Anderson offers Dan a thousand dollars to get out of his lease. No deal. That night his drill is sabotaged. Henry realizes the independent operators are being cheated by Anderson and calls a meeting. The next day they confront Anderson but he calms them down and it’s business as usual….except for Dan. Anderson wants that well before it comes in and orders his head goon Stevens (Stanley Fields) to take care of it.

The next day with Fishtail, Snowflake (Fred “Snowflake” Toones) and the other workers looking on Dan falls from a snapped cable to his death. Hank finds out a corrosive acid was used on it and it’s a case of murder. Anderson is the number one suspect.

The drill is repaired and there’s only two days left on the lease. Anderson tries to bribe Fishtail. No deal. His next move is to have Stevens kidnap Henry and hold him at a mountain cabin. He’ll be guarded by the dimwitted Homer (Dewey Robinson). Now Anderson’s goon squad goes to the well to put it out of commission so the lease can run out.

The ending is unbelievable but it doesn’t matter in a movie like this. It’s actually kind of fun. Too bad it isn’t much fun getting there.

Frank Shannon is best known as Dr.Zarkov in the Flash Gordon serials.

Due to a car accident this was Gloria Shea’s last movie. She passed away in 1995.


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