Detective Kitty O’Day (1944)

detective kitty o'day 1944

Jean Parker is fun to watch but not enough to waste time with this one. A lot more silliness than substance sinks it.

Johnny Jones (Peter Cookson) delivers a hundred thousand dollars in securities to his boss Mr.Wentworth. Johnny’s girlfriend Kitty O’Day (Jean Parker) is Wentworth’s secretary. He has tickets for a show but Wentworth tells her to buy him a ticket to Boston and then come to his house later with her notebook.

Outside the building Johnny and Kitty argue. Johnny says he could kill Wentworth. That gets the attention of a cab driver. Rather than put up with Johnny, Kitty takes the cab on her rounds. She arrives at Wentworth’s and Charles the butler hands her a candle since the lights are out. Wentworth is taking a shower and she waits in his study. On the desk she sees a note and a cigarette lighter.

She hears someone out in the hall and investigates. Then the lights come on. The shower is still running and she takes a look. Wentworth is hanging around. He’ll be doing that for a long time. Inspector Clancy and Sgt.Mike show up. The doctor comes in and says Wentworth was drowned. It’s murder. Mike finds Johnny outside. He says he was hit on the head. Kitty lies to give him a reason for being there.

Kitty tells Clancy she suspects Wentworth’s wife since the two never got along. The wife almost attacks Kitty. She showed up with her friend Harry Downs (Douglas Fowley). They both have apartments in town and that’s where they go. Later that night looking for evidence Kitty tricks Johnny into going to the apartment building.

They don disguises and he searches her place while she checks out Harry’s. His place has been searched. There’s a long sequence after Mrs.Wentworth returns with Johnny and Kitty trying to get out of her apartment. They eventually go out the window to the narrow ledge.

Mike sees them outside and Clancy orders him to get them. Another long sequence as they make for the roof. They end up back at Harry’s apartment. He’s home. He’s also dead. Turns out that’s not his real name. He’s an ex-con.

Clancy doesn’t have enough to hold Johnny and Kitty. After the fiasco Mrs.Wentworth fires both of them. That doesn’t stop them from going to the office to search for the securities.

There’s a lot more wackiness to follow and another body is discovered. The humor falls flat and the movie has long since worn out its welcome.


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