Cult Of The Cobra (1955)

cult of the cobra 1955

A group of future TV stars get together and make a bad movie. The suspense is minimal and story development is out to lunch. The lesson here is never to visit a snake cult with a camera…especially if it has a flash.

Six Air Force men are on a pass in Asia in 1945. They pay a snake charmer to sneak them into a meeting of a snake cult where a woman will change into a cobra and back. Coming out of the basket…there she is. Corporal Nick Hommel (James Dobson) takes a flash picture. A brawl breaks out as they escape. But not before the high priest puts a curse on them.

Nick grabs the basket and runs ahead while the others jump in their Jeep. They discover Nick laying on the sidewalk and a girl leaving the scene. They get him to a hospital. In Nick’s room he’s doing fine. Too bad the nurse can’t close the window. Major Martin Fielding (Olan Soule) can’t understand how Nick died and how he got that snake bite.

Back in the states Rico (David Janssen) takes over his father’s bowling alley, Paul (Richard Long) the lawyer is roommates with Tom (Marshal Thompson) the artist. Carl (Jack Kelly) rooms with Pete (William Reynolds). Tom and Paul have been rivals for stage actress Julia Thompson (Kathleen Hughes). At Rico’s bowling alley she drops it on Tom that she’s going to marry Paul.

That night Paul drives Julia and some cast members to a try out in Philadelphia leaving Tom by himself with their dog Corky. He hears screams from across the hall. It’s his new neighbor Lisa (Faith Domergue). She says a man was in her place. He’s gone now. Of course Tom is smitten. He doesn’t see the camera do a close up on her eyes.

Tom goes back across the hall. Lisa has an urge to go bowling. She heads for Rico’s. Rico loads a case of beer into his car for a party the next day at Pete and Carl’s place.  When he drives off he doesn’t notice he has a passenger. Too late.

Funeral’s over and it’s time to party at Pete and Carl’s joint. By this time Tom and Lisa are having a budding romance. Tom doesn’t like the attention ladies man Carl is paying to Lisa and decks him. While Carl is trying to clean up after the party Lisa drops by. Uh…she was there a minute ago. Carl breaks a small statuette on his way out the window. Pete comes back after taking his girl home. Say, that guy on the sidewalk looks familiar. And there’s Lisa.

The next morning Paul, Tom and Julia set up a meeting that night at the theater in New York where her show is opening. As the movies ambles along Lisa sees Julia reading a book on Cobra Cults. Paul had asked her to talk to Lisa. He’s suspicious of her. He told Julia the story of the cult in Asia.

Paul tells the story to the cops. They take blood samples. Maybe Paul’s not so crazy after all. Pete confronts Lisa at her place. She’s anxious to get to the theater with Tom. Pete won’t be going.

So….is she or isn’t she? If you’re still awake you probably won’t care.

David Janssen, of course, played Dr.Richard Kimble on “The Fugitive.” Marshall Thompson starred in :”Daktari.” Jack Kelly was Bart Maverick. Richard Long was in “The Big Valley.” William Reynolds was Special Agent Tom Colby in :”The F.B.I.”



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