The Dustbin Men (1968-70)

the dustbin men

Funny show about four refuse collectors and their attempts to get out of work. The group is led by Cheese And Egg (Brian Pringle). The other three are the studly Heavy Breathing (Trevor Bannister), Eric (Tim Wylton) and Winston (Graham Haberfield). Their boss is Inspector Sinclair who they call Bloody Delilah (Brian Wilde). Another character is Smellie Ibbotson (John Barrett) who lives up to his name.

Opening episode: September 23,1969 – “Beside The Seaside” The guys are parked outside a football arena so Winston can stand on top of the truck and watch his favorite team practice. All he can see is the ball but that’s good enough for him. The ladies of nearby streets are calling the office in droves demanding their dust bins be emptied. Bloody Delilah gets Smellie to answer the phone and say he’s an automatic answering service.

Bloody Delilah finds them all downstairs having lunch. Cheese And Egg says it’s his theory that they’ll work harder if they can do what they want early in the week. They decide that what Bloody Delilah needs are friends. Eric washes his car and the others try and make friends They even try to get Smellie to take a shower but he can’t go through with it. It all goes nowhere. Bloody Delilah is ticked off that Eric would touch his car which he calls Veronica. He says it’s his weekend pleasure to take care of her.

They finally decide to empty the dust bins. The housewife who has been making the most complaint calls (Denise Coffey) wants to spend some time with Heavy Breathing and discuss human nature. When he comes back they all figure that what Bloody Delilah really likes is to be miserable. They’ll do what they can.

The first two series are especially funny and well worth seeking out.


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