The Rogues (1964-65)

the rogues

A number of major league stars were in the cast of this show about reformed con men. They’re all related. They made their money and now help out if the cause is just. The cast is Richard Coote, David Niven, Charles Boyer, Gig Young and Gladys Cooper.  The three leads rotated appearances depending on their schedules for other projects.

Opening episode:September 13,1964 – “The Personal Touch” w/Walter Matthau, Dina Merrill, Alfred Ryder, John Dehner, Dabs Greer and John “Sgt Schultz” Banner.  – Alec Fleming (David Niven) and Timmy Fleming (Robert Coote) pull a scam to get rid of a horse named Crumpet. The buyer, Taylor C. “Happy” Grant (John Dehner) thinks he’s conning Alec. The next day at the track horse trainer Madigan (Dabs Greer) tells him someone pulled a trick on the course. It’s then Happy isn’t so happy.

Alec and Timmy visit their Aunt Meg (Gladys Cooper) and cousin Tony Fleming (Gig Young). He was in Paris with their cousin Marcel (Charles Boyer) to set up a con so Alec can get a million dollars from shipping magnate Aram Rodesko (Walter Matthau using a horrible accent).

At the hotel in Paris, Rodesko’s secretary Ellingwood Pierce (Alfred Ryder) is giving orders to the desk clerk about a party on Rodesko’s yacht. Timmy, playing a loud mouth tourist starts the groundwork for the scam. That night on the beach Alec meets Kendall Frazier (Dina Merrill). He remembers her from five years ago. It was at a party where only he knows she stole a necklace.

She and her father are staying on Rodesko’s yacht. He invited Alec to the party. He first said no but since Kendall will be there he changes his mind.  On board he and Rodesko make a deal for a million dollars. Then he finds out Kendall is going to marry him and the party is actually an engagement party.

The next day in a steam room Timmy goes into his act to chase a man (John Banner) out so he and Alec can talk. Alec has gone soft on Kendall and he wants to stop the deal. A bit later he finds out some circumstances that make him think again.

This is a great start to the series. Too bad it only lasted thirty episodes.


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