Crime Doctor’s Man Hunt (1946)

crime doctor's man hunt 1946

Seventh entry in the ten film series about criminal psychologist Dr.Robert Ordway. He’s really a crook named Phil Morgan who has amnesia.

John Foster wanders to the same carnival while in a fugue state. He says a man named Alfredi read his horoscope and predicted his death. He goes to see Dr.Ordway for help. When he leaves, his fiancee Irene Cotter (Ellen Drew) drops by. Ordway tells her he can’t break the doctor-patient confidentiality.

That night Ordway looks around Foster’s neighborhood for clues and spots him being held up by two men. He pretends to be drunk and makes the two think he believes Foster is passed out from booze. It’s obvious that Foster is dead. They drive Ordway home and he calls his friend Inspector Harry Manning (William “Fred Mertz” Frawley).

Meanwhile the two men go to see a blonde woman who paid them to dispose of the body. They want more money. Ordway goes to the carnival and talks with Ruby Farrell (Claire Carleton). She runs the shooting gallery. Ordway wants to know if she knows how many air guns she has. She also lives in the rooming house where Foster stayed.

She takes him to the abandoned house. Inside he’s hit over the head and losing patience while waiting in the car Ruby goes home. Manning arrests Ruby on suspicion since the murder was committed with an air gun. Manning tracks down the owner of the house. He’s a wealthy man named Gerald Cotter. He’s Irene’s father. Irene misses her estranged sister Natalie.

The two men go back to see the blonde. They don’t see her adjust the gas heater. Their bodies are discovered later. Ordway also finds an address book with Alfredi’s address and phone number. He says a woman named Natalie hired him to give Foster the dire forecast. Now the twists and turns begin.

The movie is just okay and nothing to go out of the way to find.

Boston Blackie fans will recognize one of the hoods being played by Frank Sully who made a few appearances as the dimwitted Sgt.Matthews in the Blackie movies.



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2 Responses to Crime Doctor’s Man Hunt (1946)

  1. dfordoom says:

    I have a copy of THE CRIME DOCTOR’S STRANGEST CASE lying around somewhere. I guess I should get around to watching it.

  2. vintage45 says:

    It could be fun for an hour.

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