Bless This House (1971-76)

bless this house

Sitcom with Sid James and Diana Coupland as Sid and Jean Abbott. Robin Stewart is their eighteen year old son Mike and Sally Geeson is their sixteen year old daughter Sally. Sid James is fun to watch in anything he appears in.

Opening episode February 2,1971 – “The Generation Gap” – Sid can’t get into the bathroom to start his day. Mike’s been in there for an hour. Mike finally gets out and Sid heads to the closet for a bath towel. Quick as a flash Sally gets in there before him. He finds her bra hanging on the door and asks Jean why it’s padded.

Then he tells Jean he’s worried about Mike. He doesn’t think he’s manly enough. He doesn’t take a different girl out every night, doesn’t like football and has never been in a punch up. He decides to have a man to man talk with him.

He tries to break Mike down into telling him if he has a problem. Mike finally admits it. He wants to borrow money to be out with his new friend Gene. Sid gives him more than he asks for since he thinks the friend is really named Jean.

He tells his wife he’s happy about it. Then she tells him Mike met Gene while throwing stones at the American Embassy. Sid gets upset when she tells him Gene is a ballet dancer. Right away he wants to call the new girl in the office Angela nicknamed Hot Pants and set them up.

Sally is on her way out and Jean tells her about the padded bra conversation. She stuffs two apples under her sweater before leaving. Sid makes her take them out. His day isn’t over yet as he finds pills belonging to Sally. Jean says she learned about sex in her biology class. He calls Sally into the room and shows her the pills. She’s happy he found them but he won’t give them back. Then he finds out what they really are and takes a few himself.

The next day Angela shows up. Jean answers the door and it turns out she and the girl have worked out a plan of their own.

The material all sees dated now but Sid James is always a good reason to watch.

After the series Sally Geeson gave up acting and became a school teacher.


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