13 Rue Madeleine (1947)

13 rue madeleine 1947

Exciting movie about secret agents during World War Two in France. The title refers to the address of Gestapo headquarters in Le Harve, France.

In 1944 the 77th group are secret agents in training. Bob Sharkey (James Cagney) is assigned to get them in shape and…..find out which one is a German agent. Roommates Bill O’Connell (Richard Conte) and Jeff Lassiter (Frank Latimore) are assigned to take some covert pictures inside a secure Naval facility as a test of what they’ve learned, O’Connell thinks too fast and Sharkey knows that he’s the agent.

He was assigned to find out the plans for the Allied invasion of Europe. Sharkey’s boss, Charles Gibson (Walter Abel) says he’ll be fed false information. A team has been assigned to parachute into France and capture Ducious. He’s a collaborator who works in a V-2 rocket plant. The group is now known as 077.

O’Connell is taken off his original assignment. He’ll join Lassiter and radio operator expert Suzanne de Beaumont (Annabella). Earlier Sharkey told Lassiter O’Connell’s real identity and tells him to kill him. O’Connell smells a rat and cuts Lassiter’s static line and he’s killed in the jump.

There’s no time to get someone else ready to take Lassiter’s place so Sharkey jumps in. O’Connell has gotten away and is now at Gestapo headquarters under his real name, Wilhelm Kuncel.

Sharkey poses as an official of the Vichy government and tries to intimidate Le Harve Mayor  Gallmard (Sam Jaffe) into taking him to Ducious. Instead he’s taken to the French resistance where he finds to his surprise that Gallmard is the local leader.

The excitement gets into high gear and makes this one to see.

Soap fans know Frank Latimore as Dr.Ed Coleridge on “Ryan’s Hope” (1975-76).


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