Smoke And Mirrors-Short Fictions And Illusions-Neil Gaiman

neil gaiman-smoke and mirrors-short fictions and illusions

Thirty stories and poems from 1985,89,90,92-95,97,98. Favorites:

“The Wedding Present” (1998) – A couple have a happy marriage but according to a story that was left for them as a wedding present things aren’t that great. This story is part of the introduction so if you usually skip that part of books you’ll miss it.

“Chivalry” –  (1992) –  Elderly Mrs. Whitaker buys the Holy Grail from  a local thrift shop and places it on her mantle. Sir Galahad rides up and offers to trade other priceless artifacts to get it.

“Nicolas Was” (1990) – Perfect Christmas card for the holiday cynic.

“The Goldfish Pool And Other Stories” (1990 novelette) – A great story for movie lovers. A writer can’t do anything but watch as Hollywood slowly destroys his original concept until it’s almost unrecognizable. He befriends an elderly caretaker who works outdoors at the lodge where he’s staying. The man has stories about stars of the silent era.

“Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar” (1998) – An American on a walking tour of the English countryside wanders into a pub in a village not listed in his guide. No surprise since the guide is full of inaccuracies. He’s befriended by two locals who educate him about H.P.Lovecraft.

“Looking For The Girl” (1985) – As a teenager a boy is enamored with a nineteen year old girl in Penthouse named Charlotte. Asa the years go by she keeps showing up in the magazine under a different name but still nineteen. His life long ambition is to find her.

“We Can Get Them For You Wholesale” (1989) –  An accountant has a thing for a girl in the office but he has a rival who looks like he’s successful with her. The man finds “Pest Control” in the Yellow Pages. They do assassinations. Turns out the more people he wants killed the bigger the discount.

“One Life Furnished in Early Moorcock” (1994) – A young boy spends a lot of his time reading. His favorite stories are about Elric of Melnibone,the Eternal Champion and his sword Stormbringer.  A great story about childhood and fantasy.

“Foreign Parts” (1990 novelette) – A man gets a venereal disease that turns out to be much more.

“Babycakes” (1990 short short) – Horrific look at what happens when all the animals disappear.

“Snow,Glass,Apples” (1995) – A different take on Snow White…very different.

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman


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  1. table9mutant says:

    Oh. I must read this! I’ve just finished my very first Gaiman book. : ) (Neverwhere)

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