The Power Of The Whistler (1945)

the power of the whistler 1945

Third in the series of eight movies based on the radio show. The script must have been written in crayon. It has zero credibility and the dialogue is prenatal.

William Everett (Richard Dix) is sideswiped by a car on a New York City street. He hits his head on a lamp post. Knocked for a loop he goes into a cafe and takes a seat at the counter. At a nearby table Jean Lang (Janis Carter) is with her sister Francie (Jeff Donnell) and her fiancee Charlie.

Jean has fun telling fortunes with standard playing cards. Maybe a Tarot deck wasn’t in the budget. She decided to read the man at the counter’s future. Twice she pulls the ace of spades and the two of clubs. No way around it…that’s death in twenty-four hours.

Jean decides to ditch her sister and tell the stranger all about his future. He’s still got amnesia and she goes over some items he’s carrying in his pockets. One is a receipt for two dozen roses for actress Constantina Ivaneska. They go to the theater and bribe the doorman to wait in her dressing room. Constantina says she doesn’t have a clue about who he is..and by the way “How did you get in here?”

Next stop is a building where a doctor lives who gave him a prescription. Too bad there’s no doctor in the building. The man befriends a little girl who is playing with her cat and Jean goes into a book store. The owner says he was in a while ago and looks at a book on poison. The author is the doctor that gave him the prescription. He’s been dead for fifty years but that hasn’t stopped him from getting out the prescription pad.

Meanwhile the man watches the little girls’ cat when he gives her money for ice cream. Jean comes back and they get in a cab. Just as they’re leaving the little girl thanks him for the ice cream. Jean doesn’t look in the rear view mirror to see the little girl has just discovered her cat’s dead.

Being the friendly sort Jean takes him home where she shares an apartment with Francie. They have a pet bird. That night the man is on the couch. He has a strange look in his eye. The next morning he makes breakfast for the girls. Oh well…the day started out okay until they discovered the bird is dead. Only the man could have killed him but they can’t suspect someone who makes such nice fried eggs.

Jean and Francie split the items the man was carrying and trace them down. Francie takes a bakery receipt and finds out a cake is being delivered to the warden of a mental institution. While that’s going on the man is busy killing a friendly squirrel in the park. Jean sees the body but still doesn’t put it all together.

Thanks to a train schedule he was carrying and a few other things they hop aboard a train to Woodville where he thinks the answer to his identity lies. There’s a judge there that sounds familiar. He doesn’t tell Jean that he remembered he’s William Everett.

The movie continues to get dumber and you’ll wish you had amnesia just to forget it.

Jeff Donnell appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows from 1942-81.

Jeff Donnell

Jeff Donnell

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