Blondie On A Budget (1940)

blondie on a budget 1940

Laughs are few and far between in this fifth Blondie movie. An unusual part for Rita Hayworth as Dagwood’s old flame. Penny Singleton is Blondie, Arthur Lake is Dagwood, Larry Simms is Baby Dumpling and Daisy the dog is…Daisy.

The movie opens with a cameo by Willie Best who delivers newspapers. Baby Dumpling wants Blondie to read the comics to him. She’s too busy making out a budget. Dagwood is next door with Marvin Williams (Don Beddoe). He’s trying to get Dagwood to spend two hundred bucks to join the Trout Club. He says he should lay the sugar on Blondie to get the money.

Blondie shows him the budget. There’s an ad for a fur jacket she wants but can’t afford. Dagwood overloads her on compliments as six year old neighbor Alvin Fuddle (Danny Mummert) looks on.  The doorbell rings and Alvin answers it. He’s wowed by the caller. It’s Joan Forrester (Rita Hayworth). Dagwood comes out to greet her and Blondie looks on from the other room. Joan has some papers from the real estate agency she works for that Dagwood has to give to his boss.

Blondie tries to cover up her jealousy. She pretends Marvin is at the door asking for Dagwood to go fishing. The phone rings. It’s Marvin. He wants Dagwood to meet him. Joan says she’ll drive him. After they leave Baby Dumpling has a loose tooth. Blondie calls the Trout Club looking for Dagwood. Marvin answers and then disguises his voice to sound like Dagwood.

Joan stopped the car in Lover’s Lane and then she can’t start it. It’s towed to the garage and to kill time they go to the movies. Dagwood fills out a raffle ticket for a two hundred dollar prize. In the theatre he keeps seeing Blondie and faints. Marvin drives him home and tells him to say to Blondie that he was at the Trout Club. At home Marvin gives Dagwood his catch of fish and Blondie thinks Dagwood caught them. Later on Dagwood confesses.

A call comes in. He won the two hundred. He tells Blondie it was a wrong number. The next day he has to have Joan come to the theatre so he can collect. Dagwood decides to use the money to buy Blondie the fur jacket. Joan says she’ll go to the store with him and help him pick one out.

Blondie goes to the bank and draws out two hundred. She’s going to give it to Dagwood to join the Trout Club. She wants to see the jacket one more time. At the store she says she can’t afford it and a saleslady takes it out of the case for a customer. Blondie peeks through a curtain and sees Dagwood and Joan. She buys a ticket to Reno. At the bus station she meets sleazy lawyer Brice (Thurston Hall).

Back home Dagwood finds a note from Blondie. He decides to get drunk on champagne. He spills it on the floor and Daisy ties one on. There’s more silliness to come.

The jokes didn’t work and the movie relies on Alvin, Baby Dumpling and Daisy for the laughs. They provide some amusing moments but not enough to sit through Lane’s manic performance.

Penny Singleton did a slew of Blondie movies. On TV she was the voice of Jane Jetson on “The Jetsons” (1962-67).

Arthur Lake did a number of Blondie movies and played Dagwood on the TV series “Blondie” in 1957.

Thurston Hall was Mr.Schuyler, Topper’s boss in the TV version of “Topper” (1953-55).



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