Crashout (1955)

crashout 1955

Considering the cast I was expecting something really good. What I got instead was a real disappointment. What could have been an exciting time turned about to be mostly a dull ride.

Thirty-eight cons bust out of the big house. Six go to an abandoned mine shaft to wait it out. They are Van Morgan Duff (William Bendix), Joe Quinn (Arthur Kennedy), Pete Mendoza (Luther Adler), Swanee Rawlins (William Talman), Monk Collins (Gene Evans) and Billy Lang (Marshall Thompson).

Duff was wounded in the crashout. He says if they can get him a doctor he’ll split the proceeds from the bank job that got him sent up. Two of them go into a town and a local operator contacts Dr.Louis Barnes (Percy Helton).

They take Barnes back to the cave and he patches Duff up. Four of them head down the hill. Duff doesn’t want any witnesses and he orders Monk to kill Barnes. Then all six take off in his car. Joe is angry about the killing and nearly tosses Duff out of the car.

They pull into a roadhouse and force the men to give them their clothes so they can get out of their prison uniforms. A couple cops come in. No incidents and they leave. On the way down the road one of them says the bartender forgot to give him his change and he’s going back to get it. By this time Monk is in a car, sees the cop and runs him down.

The cop manages to get his gun out and he kills Pete before expiring. The remaining five take off in the car. They abandon it when they spot a roadblock ahead. They all hop on a train. Looks like everything is okay. Lang is looking out the window when a young girl (Gloria Talbot) sits across from him. They strike up a conversation.

Duff isn’t happy and when Lang walks down the aisle he warns him to ditch her. He says he’s just going to help her off the train at the next stop. Duff doesn’t know he told the girl he’s getting off with her and she agrees to let him stay with her for a couple days. She doesn’t know what he’s a part of.

The others get off and look for him. Monk finds him and throws a knife in his back killing him. The remaining four head for the countryside. Alice Mosher is out with her son and comes across them and all head back to her farm where she and her son live with her mother.

There’s a truck in the barn that needs a wheel. It’s being repaired in town at the local gas station. Alice and Joe start getting attracted to each other. The wheel isn’t ready yet. Fred, the gas station owner will bring it by that night. When Joe and Alice get back Monk and Swanee are just about to kill each other. Swanee stole some money from Alice’s mother and Duff ordered him to give it back. He says he didn’t do it but Monk finds it on him and the battle was on.

Later Fred comes by with the wheel. He buys the story that Joe is Alice’s cousin from out of town. All is going well until Alice’s mother yells for help. Duff knocks Fred out. Fred is tied up but manages to get free and throws a lamp at Monk setting him on fire. The other three hop in the truck and leave.

They drive to the mountain where Duff hid the money and run into a snow storm. Things continue to get worse.

If the pacing had been picked up a bit this would have been an excellent movie but it just kind of laid there. This was Gloria Talbot’s second movie where she got credited. She had done a lot of TV episodes and some uncredited movie roles before this one.


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