Pharoah’s Curse (1957)

pharoah's curse 1957

Sheer agony. There is no excuse for a movie this bad to see the light of day. Maybe the studio thought the stink in the air was this film and they had to get it out of the building. Hopefully the amateurs that put it together have gone on to other things. Obviously making movies isn’t something they have clue one about.

In 1902 Egypt the natives are getting restless. The British counsel is ordered to send a secret expedition out to find some archeologists at a pharaoh’s tomb and get them out of there. Captain Storm (Mark Dana) gets the job. He’s joined by Sylvia Quentin (Diane Brewster). She’s the wife of the mummy seekers Robert (George N.Neise).

Along the way a mysterious girl in a costume that looks like she danced in a tourist trap shows up. She’s Simira (Ziva  Rodann) the sister of Numar who guided the group to the tomb. She says they’re going the wrong way and they’re going to be too late. They don’t listen.

Because there’s nothing else to a scorpion stings Sylvia. Now one of the pack animals is gone with most of their food and water. This is not a fun trip.

At the tomb a coffin is opened. One of the men, Dr.Farraday, cuts into the bandages of whoever’s in there. Numar faints.  Up in the dunes Simira touches an amulet that’s around her neck and says it’s too late. They get to the tomb and Storm tells them they have to clear out.

Quentin isn’t putting up with that. He wants to find the Pharaoh and be the first to enter his tomb. Time to slow things down even further as Quentin tells Sylvia how happy he is to see her. She says the only reason she came along was to dump him. He thinks it was Storm’s idea.

Now the mummy is missing and there are cat tracks in the sand. They check out Numar’s body and he’s aging fast. To push things along… looks like the soul of the Pharaoh has invaded Numar and everyone there is doomed. He walks real slow but still kills people and drains their blood. Bullets bounce off him. Doesn’t matter. Quentin is really freaking out and will stop at nothing to become famous.

This movie can’t even be considered a joke. It’s just bad from start to finish. Don’t even think about wasting your time.

Diane Brewster did a lot of TV. She appeared in three episodes of “The Fugitive” as Helen Kimble, wife of Dr.Richard Kimble (1963-67).


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