Satan Met A Lady (1936)

satan met a lady 1936

Screwball comedy based on a novel by Dashiell Hammett. Warren William is a womanizing, money hungry private detective, Bette Davis is his client and Marie Wilson is his secretary. Silly entertainment you have to be in the right mood to watch.

Ted Shane (Warren William) goes back to his old agency after three years. His partner Milton Ames is sacked out on the couch and their secretary Murgatroyd (Marie Wilson) hasn’t been paid in weeks. Nash got them a client on the train by convincing her she needed a bodyguard.

Now another client walks in. She’s Valerie Purvis (Bette Davis) who wants a man she says promised to marry her found. That night Shane is at a nightclub with Murgatroyd when he gets a call to go to a cemetery. The cops are waiting. Ames has been shot to death. Right after he leaves another man is killed. Turns out he’s Farrow, the one Valerie wanted found. Shane goes to see her and tries to force the real story out of her.

When he gets home he finds the place has been torn apart. The man who did it shows up. He’s Anthony Travers (Arthur Treacher). He’s looking for the ancient trumpet of the legendary Roland. It’s said that it’s stuffed with jewels. It’s a real cornball scene between the two.

Shane believes that Valerie is also looking for it. He’s being followed by Kenny who he keeps treating lightly. Kenny takes him to his Aunt Barabbas. She’s a known crook and is also searching for the trumpet. Never one to miss an opportunity Shane collects money from Valerie, Barabbas and Travers to find the horn.

He gets a message to go to the docks and meet a ship that just arrived. When he gets there it’s on fire. Valerie, Barabbas and Travers are all keeping an eye on him. Somehow he gets a package containing the trumpet. The movie gets wackier before the finish.

William is fun to watch and Marie Wilson is also a lot of fun. Bette Davis is just okay in her light comedy role.



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