Callan (1967-72)


This is a great series that shows the ugly side of secret service work. Edward Woodward is David Callan, an agent who had had it and wants to retire. If this shows up on a channel near you, don’t miss it.

Opening episode: July 8,1967 – “The Good Ones Are All Dead” – Callan wants to quit the secret service. He’s tired of killing people. His boss Charlie Hunter says he has an assignment he must take. Callan says he might just kill him when it’s over if he’s not allowed to retire.

The assignment is to watch Niklos Stavros. It’s suspected that he’s really Nazi war criminal Strauss. He was in charge of slave labor for the V2 rocket factory. He has to keep him alive so the Israelis can nab him. Hunter assigns agent Toby Meres to keep an eye on Callan. Also watching him is Israeli agent Avram. Neither one likes Callan.

Callan gets a job as a bookkeeper for Stavros. His girlfriend Jeanne is his secretary. She doesn’t like Callan. One night they go to an opera and that gives Callan a chance to search the hotel suite. He finds a locked wardrobe. His next move is to call Lonely. He’s a small time crook who smells when he’s nervous.  Callan demands he get him a gun and a blank key.

Toby has a man named Berg to positively identify Stavros as Strauss. He gets him a ticket in the seat behind Stavros at the theatre. Berg was a house slave to Stavros during the war. He makes the ID.

Callan gets his chance to search the wardrobe. He finds a trunk with the initials R.S. Inside is a uniform, a party card and a gun along with other proof. He just gets out of the room when Jeanne shows up. She finds evidence that Callan has been in the room and lets him know.

This is a good opening to a great series. The opening episode is based on “A Magnum For Schneider” which was an episode of “Armchair Theatre.”

American audiences got to know Edward Woodward as “The Equalizer” (1985-89).


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2 Responses to Callan (1967-72)

  1. dfordoom says:

    Best spy series ever. It’s tragic that so many episodes are lost.

  2. vintage45 says:

    It was nice to see a series without all the super hero crap.

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