Outside The Wall (1950)

outside the wall 1950

Good one about a con who’s been paroled after spending fifteen years in the big house. He was sent up at fourteen and knows nothing about the outside world including….dames.

Larry Nelson (Richard Basehart) accidentally killed a guard in reform school and landed in a tough prison in Philadelphia. (The movie says it’s located in a section of the city called Cherry Hill. Maybe they should have learned to read a map since Cherry Hill is in New Jersey). All he knows is what the cons tell him. Now he’s about to head outside the wall.

After a rough start in the big city he goes to the country. He ends up in the small town of Jewel City. The local paper has a story about a million dollar armored car robbery in which three guards were killed. The hunt is on for ex con Jack Bernard (John Hoyt). Larry gets a job as a lab assistant in a sanitarium for TB patients.

He gets the attention of nurse Charlotte Maynard (Marilyn Maxwell) but he still has a lot to learn about women. One night while having a smoke outside an ambulance pulls up with a patient named Stoker. It’s really Jack. Larry knew him in prison.

He goes to town with nurse Ann Taylor (Dorothy Hart). In a joint they run into Charlotte dancing with a man named Red Chaney. Back at the sanitarium Jack thanks him for not turning him in. He asks him to deliver a thousand a week to his ex wife Cecilia. He doesn’t want her coming out to see him. At first Larry says no but changes his mind when Charlotte says she’s only interested in men with money. Jack takes thirty grand from a special compartment in his travel bag.

Larry delivers the first thousand and Cecilia seems interested in him. He’s not that dumb. When he leaves out from another room come Red, Latzo and Garth (Harry Morgan). Cecilia tells Red to follow him. She thinks he’s Jack’s surviving partner in the robbery and knows where the million is stashed.

Larry buys a new suit, a car and a platinum watch for Charlotte. She’s seeing him in a whole new light. Later he visits Cecilia to give her the next payment. He ends up being jumped by the three men and taken to a log cabin. Garth shows him a scalpel and inserts it under his fingernail.

Now the movie kicks into high gear and the suspense quotient is raised making it one to look for. It’s interesting seeing Harry Morgan as a tough guy. If you’re used to him as Col.Potter on “MASH” or Detective Gannon on “Dragnet” check him out in this one.


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