The Mysterious Doctor (1943)

the mysterious doctor 1943

Simple storyline that takes place in a small Cornish town with an abandoned tin mine thanks to a legend about a headless ghost.

Dr.Frederick Holmes is picked up in the moors by a passing peddler. He says he’s on a walking tour. He’s dropped off in the village of Morgan’s Head. The innkeeper opens the door. He’s wearing a black hood. Patron Hugh Penhryn, who never met a free drink he didn’t like, fills Holmes in. Simon Tewksbury wears the hood because he got to close to an explosion and it destroyed most of his face.

Hugh then tells the legend of a feud that ended with the death of a man named Morgan. The victor cut off his head and Morgan has been wandering the mine and the moors looking for it even since. Sir Henry Leland (John Loder) comes in and questions Holmes. He says he wants to visit the mine the next day. Up in his room Holmes takes a paper out of his pipe and writes that he’s going to start the operation tomorrow.

Some townspeople come in and say a parachutist has landed nearby and Holmes is questioned again. He shows a couple receipts of where he’s been the past few days but they’re still suspicious.

The next morning Lt.Kip Hilton calls on Letty (Eleanor Parker). She’s Simon’s niece. Later Holmes leaves for the mine followed by Simon. Letty asks the simple minded Bart Redmond to protect Holmes. Inside the mine Holmes, wearing a gas mask, is collecting ore samples. Simon has to take off his hood to put his mask on. A headless figure stabs Holmes to death. Kit and Harry go into the mine and find the body. The head is missing.

Bart is accused of the murder and Sir Henry and Kip order him tossed in jail. Letty finds out a bunch of drunks are heading for the jail to take care of him. She gets there first and lets him out. He goes to hide out in the mine. Letty takes some food to him and is almost killed by the headless man. Bart saves her and then shows her one of the mines’ secrets.

The penultimate ending features some good action and the very ending is a feel good one that fits the times. This isn’t anything to seek out but worth a look because of Parker.

Eleanor Parker appeared in a lot of top movies and in the TV series “Bracken’s World” she played Sylvia Caldwell (1969-70).




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