Finger Of Guilt (1956)

finger of guilt 1956

Richard Basehart is miscast as a film executive who is getting letters from a woman he says he never met. It turns his life upside down. This soap opera is a total bore and even has a terrible soundtrack.

Reggie Wilson (Richard Basehart) was a film editor until he messed around with the boss’ wife. He goes to England, marries the studio heads’ daughter and is now an executive producer. He’s getting an exam by Dr.Gray and finds out he’s physically in good shape. He questions his mental capacity and asks if it’s possible to be two people at once.


He’s getting letters from a woman named Evelyn Stewart that smell of blackmail even though she’s not asking for anything. He’s in the middle of a high budget picture and got a top actress to come in and star. She’s a former flame named Kay Wallace (Constance Cummings). She’s not happy with it and would get out of it if she could.

At home Reggie’s wife Leslie says she got a letter from Evelyn. He talks her into going out to Newcastle to confront her. Evelyn isn’t home when they get there and the landlady lets them into Evelyn’s room. Reggie asks the landlady is she’s ever seen him before and she says no. He and Leslie look around and Reggie finds a signed picture of himself and he hides it in a dresser drawer.

Evelyn (Mary Murphy) returns and acts like they’ve been having a big affair. Leslie knows about his womanizing reputation and begins to have her doubts, especially when Evelyn finds the hidden picture and brings it out. Leslie waits outside.

When Reggie leaves, Leslie’s gone. He takes Evelyn to the police station. The cops have their doubts but aren’t ready to completely disbelieve Evelyn and a Sergeant tells Reggie is wouldn’t serve any purpose for him to press charges.

Reggie is wandering around and Evelyn tags along. Leslie returns that night and the landlady says there’s a pub down the street. It’s Evelyn’s favorite place and Leslie spots she and Reggie going in and drives away.

Reggie and Evelyn have a few drinks and she sticks to her story. Walking her home he tells her about a movie in which a female blackmailer was strangled. At her front door he puts his hands on her neck. Then the booze takes over and he puts her in a lip lock. She storms inside and he takes off.

The next day his boss and father-in-law Ben says Leslie showed up at his house and that’s where she’s staying.  Then he tells him the big picture is canceled and Kay is on her way back to America. He tells Reggie to take a month off. Reggie cries on Kat’s shoulder and she recommends he see Dr.Gray.

Back to the present.

Dr.Gray says he can’t handle any mental problems and says Reggie should take off for four to six months. He’s now getting ready to leave his studio office when flowers are delivered. They’re from Evelyn. He looks out the window and there she is. He follows and makes an interesting discovery.

The payoff requires a huge convenience and the whole thing is just silly. The movie starts off laying down and goes to sleep before I did.


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