The Dennis Day Show (1952-54)

the dennis day show 1952

The Jack Benny Program singer produced this show that featured some vaudeville type acts along with a song each week from Dennis all packed into a lame sitcom. He lives in a building managed by Mrs.Pratt (Martha Wentworth). Also there is Cliff Arquette as Charlie Weaver. The format was altered along the way.

“The Old Friend” a 1953 episode: Dennis visits his booking agent Lou (George O’Hanlon). Dennis hears his old friend Cap Martin (Harry Tyler) singing “My Melancholy Baby” in Lou’s office. He still sounds great but his act is outdated and he can’t find work. He’s living in a rundown boarding house.

Cap was a mentor to Dennis when he was starting out so now the singer wants to help him. He gets him an apartment where he lives. Building custodian Charley Weaver helps Dennis set the place up. When Cap arrives Dennis plays a 78 from 1916 of Cap. That just depresses him and remind shim that his type of act is over. Dennis sings “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams.”

Cap has two roommates that call themselves The Artistocrats (The Benson Brothers). They do bad imitations of comedy teams. Since they’re being thrown out of the rooming house they drop into Caps’ new apartment.

Mrs.Pratt can’t stand the noise they make and wants them out. Dennis soft soaps her into thinking she has a reputation as a great singer. He plays piano and she belts out “I Don’t Care.” The Aristocrats complain about the noise. Now they’re really on their way out.

Cap gets mad that the guys are leaving and tells Dennis he’s leaving too. Then Dennis comes up with a plan. The episode ends with a mini variety show.


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