Devils Of Darkness (1965)

devils of darkness 1965

This is as frightening as watching Jello move around. Lots of corn and overall stupidity throughout this poor excuse for a movie about a vampire cult. Obviously no one looked at it before releasing it.

In the late 16th century or thereabouts Count Sinistre (Hubert Noel) is buried alive in the French countryside just because he’s a vampire. A Gypsy camp is having a wedding celebration. It’s a good time until the Count decides to change into a bat and crash the party. Tania the bride is now Tania the corpse.

Everybody clears out and the Count decides to make Tania his bride. He tells her she’ll be his until the end of time or forever…whichever comes first.

Now it’s modern day. A group of English tourists are staying at a hotel in the same countryside. Two of them go caving. One comes across a couple coffins. A hand is coming out of one of them. That’s all for him. His friend is also toast. There’s a strange mark on his neck.

Back at the hotel Paul Baxter (William Sylvester) wonders where his sister got to. She’s out with Armand. It’s actually Sinistre. They’re looking down into the water. There’s her reflection. Where’s his? She freaks and they struggle. His talisman falls off. Before he can recover it he picks the girl up and heads for the hills. Paul finds the medallion and hangs on to it.

Her body is found and Paul investigates. The local police call it suicide. He doesn’t know the Inspector is a member of Sinistre’s cult. It’s not easy taking Sinestre seriously because he looks plain goofy in a suit and tie with a red cowl worn like a cape.

Paul goes back to England. Coffins that were on their way over disappear. Paul takes the talisman to his friend Dr. Bob Kelsey. He’s doing research with snakes and bats. He finds out some things about the talisman and the cult involved. That’s all for him.

Paul’s place has been ransacked but the medallion is still hidden in his typewriter. He calls Inspector Malin at Scotland Yard. Paul also thinks his friend Madeleine can help him. She owns an antique store with some strange employees. She tells Paul to come over and he walks into a party with a weird collection of people.

One person who catches his eye is her newest employee Karen (Tracy Reed). She’s also a model and does some posing for Sinestre. She’s also eye candy set out as a honey trap to get Paul to return the talisman.

The big finish is really laughable as people start yelling for Satan while wearing their bright red robes. A complete waste of time.



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2 Responses to Devils Of Darkness (1965)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    I misread the start of the last paragraph as “people yelling at Satan for wearing their bright red robes”, which would have been a curious twist, I imagine.

  2. vintage45 says:

    The “actors” had to be embarrassed.

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