Close-Up (1948)

close-up 1948

There’s a good movie in here someplace. Some better actors and a rewrite or two and this could have been a top notch thriller. Joey Faye is a good comedian but way out of place in this one and better judgement should have been used before having him pop in and out of the movie. It didn’t need comedy relief.

Phil Sparr (Alan Baxter) is a newsreel cameraman. One day he and his assistant Roger (Joey Faye) are filming girls outside a bank. Little do they know what has been captured on film.

Back at the office a man named Beck comes in and tells Phil he has to have the film because he can’t afford to have his wife see him on screen with another woman. He’ll have to wait until it’s developed. Phil and Roger go to pick up the film at the lab when a man from another news service shows up. He picks up the wrong film. Roger notices and they chase him to the elevator and get their film back.

The man reports to Joe Gibbons about what happened. Joe calls a man named Beaumont (Richard Kollmar) and tells him about the failure to get the film and then deals with the messenger. Back at the office Phil gets the film from the cutting room floor to search it for Beck.. While all this is going on a girl from a magazine shows up. She’s Peggy Lake (Virginia Gilmore) and says she’s interviewing important people.

They go to the lobby and give the film to Beck. Now he asks for the negative. Phil says he’ll have to wait and he’ll get it. Phil’s boss Avery shows him a discovery. Also captured on the reel was a wanted Nazi war criminal coming out of the bank. He’s calling himself Martin Beaumont.

Avery gets a call that Beck has been arrested and a Lt.Riley will be over to take Phil to the station and straightened it out. He gives Peggy the key to his apartment and tells her to wait there and he’ll finish the interview. Phil realizes that Riley is a phony as they aren’t headed for the station. He uses a no smoking sign to get away.

Phil goes back to his apartment and Peggy is locked in the closet. She says two men just left. They hurry to see Avery. When they get to the office cops are all over the place and he’s told Avery jumped from a window and there’s his body. Phil calls his police friend Inspector Lonigan. He’s relieved when he finds out Avery is okay. The body is the man who tried to kill Avery and the negative is in his pocket.

Phil gets the negative and takes Peggy home. Before he gets back in the cab he hears her scream. She says it was just a cat. Phil gives the film to the cab driver (Sid Melton) and tells him to take it to the cops. Phil is hit over the head when he tries to get in the cab and the driver is tossed out.

At the police station the driver still has the film and turns it over. Phil and Peggy are taken to Joe’s place and Phil is chained to a pipe by the coal bin in the basement.

Anything further would spoil it for anyone who has lasted this long. The rest of the movie isn’t all that bad and it shows what it could have been with a little more effort.






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