“Please Sir!” (1968-72)

John Alderton

John Alderton

Popular British sitcom about a teacher that has to deal with a class of unruly kids.  John Alderton is Bernard Hedges. He sees some good in them and has to deal with the cynicism of his fellow teachers. A lot of fun.

Opening episode: November 11,1968 – “The Welcome Mat” –  Bernard Hedges is on his way to a new job at the Fenn School. He’s on the bus with the students. The driver and conductor can’t wait to get rid of them. Hedges gives a smoke to one student, Eric Duffy. When everyone is getting off the bus one student, Sharon Eversleigh, slides past him real slow.

Hedges goes in the wrong gate and has a run in with the school keeper Norman Potter. He gives as good as he gets. In the office he meets the assistant to the headmaster. She’s a stickler for rules, Doris Ewell. Also there is the cynical science master and the elderly sports director Smith who insists on being called Smitty.

After trying to deal with one young student whose religion won’t allow him to go to assembly, the headmaster comes in and tells the student to go to the “other denominations” room. Now Hedges gets s okay with him. He’s supposed to teach English and History.

The class is, to say the least, not the most cooperative. From the bus there’s Duffy and Eversleigh. Duffy is the ringleader. Hedges catches one student, Dunstable listening to a radio. He confiscates it and Dunstable says he’s going to the clinic. Duffy says he does it all the time because he has a condition.

That’s how day one is going and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better.

This is a fun series worth checking out. There was also a movie in 1971.

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