Whirlybirds (1957-60)

Ctaig Hill & Kenneth Tobey

Craig Hill & Kenneth Tobey

Chuck Martin (Kenneth Tobey) and P.T.Moore (Craig Hill) own a helicopter company in this first TV show to focus on choppers. They take on various jobs including search and rescue and helping out law enforcement and the military. It was a good show and actually encouraged a rise in applications from people wanting to be helicopter pilots.

January 17,1957 episode: “Boy On The Roof” – Dave Williams brother Vern was convicted of robbing a liquor store. Dave is convinced he’s innocent. In order to get the D.A. and others to listen to him he goes onto a warehouse roof with a rifle. He intends to use it until he’s listened to.

Reporter Ken Tyler convinces P.T. to fly him to the roof. He says he wants to help the boy. When P.T. leaves the room Tyler calls his ex-boss and says he wants his old job back and a hundred bucks for every story about the incident he can get. P.T. drops him off on the roof and it’s arranged he’ll be back in a half-hour.

Back at the office is an angry police Lt.Ericson (Edward Binns). He tells P.T. and Chuck the real deal on Tyler and lays a guilt trip on P.T. Back on the roof They hear Ericson through a bullhorn trying to talk Dave down. Looks like he’s listening to him. Tyler, seeing stories getting away from him, tells Dave not to pay any attention to Ericson.

Chuck and Ericson get Dave’s mother to fly to the roof. As the chopper approaches Dave sees three people instead of just P.T. They’re too far away to recognize so he opens fire and they have no choice but to fly away. Back at the office Chuck hatches a plan.

This was the third episode of the show and a good one just like the rest of them.

Tobey was everywhere in movies as well as TV. One famous role was Capt. Patrick Hendry in 1951’s “The Thing.” Hill appeared in a number of TV shows and foreign films.

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